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Fortress Tinearths – Year 1066

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1066 Early Spring
We flooded the farm plots as usual. I ordered the production of some more tables and thrones. We laid some more stone floor outside. An Elven caravan arrived. Two Elves and their two pack mules. Etur is still lying wounded out in the bush and no one seems to help her. She is badly mauled and wont survive. It takes several days for the Elves to arrive at the trade depot. We trade some stone arts for different kind of cloth.

Three Ogres roam the wilderness. I didn’t notice that the squad leader for the Swordsdwarf squad was wounded and in bed, so two dwarves from the Marksdwarf squad arrived first. They only had a few bone bolts and got killed. One of them carried a baby into battle and it too was killed. Äs, the author of “a detailed study of a Trappers life in the bush” is one of the dead. Later the Swordswarves, with a new squad leader, arrived and killed the Ogres.

I noticed that there is blood, vomit and a bolt on the floor of the Entrance Hall and a corpse from an Ogre on the refuse pile. It must have reached the fortress and got wounded from a stone-fall trap, and then killed by a Marksdwarf.

15th Slate Mid-Spring.
The Mayor, Masons Guildmaster and the Berite (House Ber) have arrived. Population is now 87 dwarves. Justice demands two more ropes to hold would be prisoners. Tirist the Sheriff formed the Fortress Guard and is now Captain of the Guard and demands better quarters. The Fortress Guard needs 8 recruits. The Masons detail the floor in his quarters.

Urvad, a child and competent grower, gets into a strange mood and withdraws from society, and claims a craftdwarf’s workshop. He fetches some Ogre and Harpy bones and one jet stone and now sketches pictures of an ore mine. He wants some kind of ore or metal or glass bars. We try to make some glass bars but we need to collect sand to the glass furnace. To do this we need bags to put the sand into. We begin making them at the clothes workshop.

Late Spring
We build an ashery to make potash to make pearlash in the kiln to later make clear glass in the glass furnace. The Miners are mining some tunnels and strike tin ore. Urvad the child runs to collect the tin ore as soon as he hears about it. He begins a mysterious construction. We make some tin bars from the newly found ore.

The mayor wants us to make a couple of shoes. I order the shoes from the Manager. An Ogre comes close to the fortress but gets killed by the Marksdwarf squad.

Urvad with the strange mood constructs an Ogre bone shield. He is now a legendary bone carver and very tough and extremely agile and strong. Soldier material!

We struck Sphalerite ore. Combined with Malachite (copper) we can make brass bars. Captain of the guard is happy with the detailed floor but she thinks the office needs to be nicer. We trie to change to a better quality door. That’s not enough. We make an obsidian throne, she likes that material, and replaces the old throne in her office. That satisfied her.

Early Summer
7 Peasants and 1 Swordsdwarf were made recruits in the Fortress Guard. The Mayor wants decent rooms. We had to first smoth then detail both floors and walls to make her satisfied with 2x3 square rooms. A Goblin Thief sneaked into the finished goods room and stole a silk shoe and got away.

The mayor is finally satisfied. I had to give him a very nice cabinet. A Metalsmith is taken by a fey mood. He just stare into empty space. We lack the right kind of workshop, presumably the metalsmith’s forge. Etur the injured Carpenter, One-Eye, is still lying mauled out in the bush and is stricken with melancholy and dies.

Late Summer
All nobles are satisfied with their rooms. The Mason's Guild Noble wasn’t satisfied until he got a masterpiece cabinet in his bedroom. An Ogre seriously wounds a Fortress Guard recruit, before an ordinary Swordsman strikes the Ogre down.

Early Autumn
The dwarven caravan arrives. We trade for 30 meat and some leather and silk. We had too few arts, and had to trade some cloth for cloth to maximize the export value. This is to establish some reputation as a trader to be able to buy an anvil in the future (total export wealth is now 1750). The melancholic Metalsmith drowns himself.

Late Autumn
Another Metalsmith has been possessed, but he’s just lying in bed sleeping. 10 migrants with a foal arrive making the total population 96 dwarves. We have no empty barrels, I tell the manager to produce 10 wooden barrels. I added a new Swordsdwarf to the Fortress Guard. We haul a lot of calves to the cage by the butcher’s shop. We lost a dog to 2 Harpies.

Early Winter
We built a new living block. I ordered the construction of 10 doors and 5 beds. We’ve got lots of prepared meals, such as plump helmet stew and roast taking up barrels. We prioritise brewing for a while. I also restricted the use of plump helmet to brewing only.

The Mechanis installed two more stone-fall traps in the corridor leading to the underground forest cave. The Harpies strike down a Trapper. I am sending both squads. A Swordsdwarf kills all three Harpies. Trapper Ducim is later killed by new Harpies, but he killed one and injured another one before dying. I am sending the squads once again. Three Goblin child snatchers tried to escape with childs, two were killed, but the third got away and the child is MIA. It was Urvad the legendary bone carver child. I positioned the Marksdwarf squad just outside the Main Gates to protect from thieves and wild animals.

We expanded the Upper Main Hall, it was getting cluttered. The moody Metalsmith is stricken with melancholy. There isn’t much fish in the swamps or rivers so I made three Fisherdwarves join a new Marksdwarf squad. They are practicing with bone bolt in the barracks.

Middle Winter
Stukos the recruit becomes a Marksdwarf. Later the other two recruits also become Marksdwarves. Some recruits of the Fortress Guard becomes Swordsdwarves from sparring in the barracks.

Late winter
The melancholic Metalsmith jumps into the cave river. Five Frogmen get interested, one of them attacks the drowning Metalsmith and the other four enters the underground forest. Instead of entering the trapped corridor they jump into the river to climb the bridge. A Swordswarf, the same that killed three Harpies, is on the bridge and throws the first Frogman back into the river with a mighty slash. The second Frogman climbs the bridge and enters the fortress but dies from a falling stone to the head. The third and fourth Frogman is about to climb the bridge but the Swordsdwarf is waiting for them.

This time the Swordsdwarf isn’t that lucky and gets thrown back and stunned. One of the Frogmen jumps at him. The other Frogman takes a right through the doors and gets mauled by a falling stone. The fifth Frogman decides to retreat. The Swordsdwarf recovers from the stun and kills the last Frogman.

A heavily wounded recruit from the Fortress Guard is stricken by melancholy. Our last Metalsmith gets possessed and seems to be wanting a metalsmith’s forge. We expand the underground forest cave. There’s about 10 young Tower-cap trees growing in the underground forest. Nil the Miner is working hard, she has been ecstatic lately.

"I really like it down here. It's nice to look at the Tower-caps growing in the mud. If I did't have to go drink that wonderful beer now and then I could stay here all time." Nil said.

"I'm glad you're happy! No more barrel throwing then?" I asked.

"No, no. I am happy as a cow with my work, my fine bed, my good bedroom and our legendary dining room. I kinda miss Urvad though. Think about all the nice stone carving he could have made." Nil's happy face turns into a sad stare.

"Yes, we really have to post a guard outside the gates. Those sneaky thieves avoid all traps. The problem is that the soldiers get unhappy standing in the rain. I have to think of something."

"Maybe there's no other way than to rotate two squads?"

"Maybe it is so, my dear friend. There's a position free in the new Marksdwarf squad." I said and raised an eyebrow.

"Come on, you know I hate crossbows!" Nil said and continued hacking angrily with his pick.

To be continued...

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