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Jagged Campaign Part 1

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Jagged Campaign Part 1

It all started with an email.

I met with Enrico at a bar (intro movie) and he told me that a Queen Deidranna had taken over his island of birth, Arulco, in a military coup. Now she is running the island as an evil dictator and Enrico wanted me to free the island of her evil reign.

I sent for some information on Arulco from the Recon Intelligence Service.

This is the most important bits of that report:

We agreed on the sum of $35.000. I usually don’t accept these kind of low-budget missions where the goal is to take on a dictator’s whole army, but in this case there were a rebel force already in place and there were some mining operations to take control over. As soon as the funds were transmitted I logged on to A.I.M (Association of International Mercenaries).

Len Anderson, my favourite choice on these bigger guerrilla missions, already was on an assignment. Looking at the prices of the people I wanted I finally understood that I myself had to participate in this mission. I had just recently got an email from I.M.P (Institute for Mercenary Profiling) to do a profiling for $3000 so I logged on to their site.

I answered a lot of goofy questions and used some points to define my abilities and skills.

It turned out that I still was ambidextrous and that my night vision was perfect. My knowledge about explosives was zero though.

Back at A.I.M I sorted the mercs to find the best medics. I wanted someone with good marksmanship skill and found Dr. Clifford Highball. He isn’t exactly an athlete but he comes with a Thompson for a total price of $13.345 per week. I continued looking and found Fox. I recognized her from the last issue of “Babes and Bullets.” Hmm, she is equally skilled with both hands and delivers for a whole week for $6.615 (click image to get the big picture).

Okay, but I needed some soldiers too, and the selection was quite limited because many mercs were on assignments. With that low a price for the medic I could afford Shadow, an ex-ranger and sniper that had turned stalking to an art form. Or I could afford both Ice, good at automatic weapons, and Nails, good at mechanics, explosives and lock picking. I called Nails and he agreed to serve for one week.

Then I called Ice and the team was complete, with $1680 left on my account.

7:00 Day 1 Omerta Sector A9

We rappelled into Omerta.

We knew the area had hostiles so we were just about to crouch down when Snake said: “Let the games begin.” He had spotted a dude to the right less then twenty meters away. We all dropped to the ground as the dude ran forwards then dived and threw a bullet in our direction, high. Ice missed his first snap shot with his Thompson M1A1, but found the target on the second try.

Nails sent a hail of buckshots from his shotgun but only managed to throw a cloud of dirt into the air to the right of the target. I aimed and eased away a round from my H&K MP5K. I finished him off with my first shot. “Tagged ya!”

We didn’t have time to regroup, a second hostile turned up from the south. “Time to take out the trash!” Fox and I moved behind an old sand bag trench. We fired one round each, missed and then dropped prone.

Nails tried to flank him to the right while Ice moved up to Fox and me. The hostile fired a couple of rounds over Ice’s head and then ran into a building. Nails crouched behind a car wreck and Ice moved into the trench and crouched, pointing his Thompson at the hole in the wall where the dude had disappeared. A gunshot was heard from the west and a bullet whizzed by Nails. “Hahaha… you have to do better than that!” Nails taunted the shooter.

The dude in the house showed his face in the hole in the wall and Ice sprayed him with a burst from his SMG. Two rounds hit and the dude fell. “You’re history, dude.” Ice said.

This cleared Nails left flank so he could move around the car wreck and take cover from the western hostile. He had the enemy in his sight but he was outside of effective shotgun range so Nails went prone.

Fox and I ran to a house on the other side of the street from the enemy. We lost sight of the enemy for a few seconds but when Nails sat up he spotted him beside a pile of stones on the other side of the street. He was still out of range so Nails went prone again.

Fox and I ran into the house in front of the hostile to get into firing positions. I took the wrong door and ended up in a toilet. Fox ran to a door opening and fired a round from her Glock 17 but missed. She ducked back into the room. Ice ran to the house where the first dude was dispatched and prepared to enter the hole in the wall. We lost sight of the enemy behind the pile of stone but suddenly he came running towards Fox out into the street. Nails got up on his knee and nailed him with the shotgun. “Wicked!”

We all observed the pile of stones for a moment but nothing was moving. We moved out slowly (the game switches to real-time). Nails said: “We haven’t eliminated the other club yet. Nobody get stupid!”

Ice crouched into a house on the other side of the street. It was getting brighter outside. He found a woman and a boy, Fatima and Pacos, in the house. They didn’t want to talk to him until it was safe outside. He checked the windows and spotted a bad dude with a rifle or a SMG a couple of houses away. He was not in range so Ice dropped down behind the window. While he popped up now and then to get a fix on the dude Nails and I ran for a house close to the dude to flank him from the opposite side. He must have heard us because he moved away from the house towards Ice’s position. Ice crouched and fired two snap shots (instead of one carefully aimed shot), shattering the window, but missed both and went prone again. Nails entered the house and spotted the dude through a window and fired but missed. I moved to the corner of the house and sent a burst of bullets at the dude, hitting with one leaving him in a poor condition. I took cover behind the wall.

Ice took a careful aim out of the window and hit the dude in the chest, killing him. “You’re history, dude!” “Yeah dude! Put another sector in the win column. Ain’t nothing left breathing here.” Sector cleared. Nails went out and checked the dude’s body and found an H&K MP53. It was in a bad shape. Nails looked at the gun and said: “I’ll fix this in no time. Just give me a toolbox.”

Ice reloaded his SMG magazine with rounds from a couple of .45 calibre pistol clips he had found. I found a bloody throwing knife in the street and Fox found a couple of .38 speed loaders (all other weapons broken presumably). While the others checked out the empty houses I talked to the woman, Fatima. She asked why we were here. I told her Enrico sent me but she didn’t believe me because everybody thought that he was dead. My laptop signalled that I had a new email. I read it.

Now I remembered the letter I had in my pocket. I gave it to her and told her that I was looking for Miguel (in charge of the rebel force). She was very happy to hear that Enrico was alive and wanted to help his old people. Deidranna had bombed them for two straight months now. It showed, the village was in ruins. All houses were already looted, but Nails found a crowbar and some wire cutters. Fatima agreed to show us to Miguel and exited the village to the east.

We entered another section of the bombed out village. Fatima took us to a house with a guard outside. He was very angry at first but then he calmed down and showed us down a secret trap door. Here we met the leader Miguel in the rebel headquarters and he was happy that Enrico was alive and had sent us to aid him. Nails said with his whiskey voice: ”Rebel force! Right on, scooter. Let me tell ya, I’m a rebel from way back. Your business is my business, Mike. I’m your man.” Miguel updated us on the situation and his right hand, Carlos, told us that the highest priority was to get food and supplies to the rebel HQ. We should clear a path to a village close by called Drassen and speak with the priest there. Nails whispered to me: “I ain’t crazy about tight places, man. This place is givin’ me the sweats.”

I asked Miguel if he wanted to come along, but he offered Ira instead.

She was a teaching expert and an okay medic. She was armed with a .38 special and equipped with a medical kit and a steel helmet. I had hoped for a platoon or at least a squad and got a teacher. Well, you never learn, do you?

We went up the stairs. There were some boxes by the stairs and Nails found some TNT with an attached detonator and some .45 and 9 mm ammo.

Before we left Omerta we checked the ruins and found a first aid kit in a kitchen more bombed out than mine. The time was 7:30 when we moved out towards Drassen.

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