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World map: Town
Permadeath: Yes
Races: 10
Classes: 6
Religion: No
Spellcasting: Advanced
Persistent dungeons: No
Version: AngbandTK 2.9.2r2
Latest version: Thangorodrim
Graphics: Tiles or ASCII
Mouse: Yes
Sound: Yes
Resource: Thangorodrim

From Wikipedia:
is a dungeon-crawling roguelike computer game derived from Umoria (a C port of a game called Moria). It is based on the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, in which Angband was the fortress of Morgoth. The current version of Angband is 3.0.6, and is available for all major operating systems (including Unix, Windows, the Macintosh, and DOS).

The game revolves around the exploring of a 100-level dungeon, in which the player seeks to amass enough power and equipment to ultimately defeat Morgoth. A new level is randomly generated each time the player changes levels, which gives Angband great replay value: no two games will be the same.

Angband is notable for spawning many derivatives. A family tree of around sixty (around a dozen of which are active) variants of Angband exist, each often greatly differing in purpose and depth of changes. The best known variants are OAngband, ToME (formerly PernAngband) and ZAngband.

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