Friday, January 12, 2007

Killer the Deep Elf Monk

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Play style:
Random character, everything default.

Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Random chooses Deep Elf.

"The deep elves are an elven race who long ago fled the overworld to live in darkness underground. There they developed their mental powers, evolving a natural gift for all forms of magic (including necromancy and earth magic), and adapted physically to their new environment, becoming shorter and weaker than other elves and losing all colouration. They are poor at hand-to-hand combat but excellent at fighting from a distance."

Deep Elves can be many classes, random chooses Monk.

"The Monk is a member of an ascetic order dedicated to the perfection of one's body and soul through the discipline of the martial arts. Monks start with very little equipment, but can survive without the weighty weapons and spellbooks needed by other classes."

He is only equipped with an elven robe and a bread ration.

Dungeon Level 1
He finds a meat ration and gets hit by an arrow trap (7/11 Hp). He finds 11 poisoned needles. He kills a Kobold with a direct hit from a needle. He sees a Hobgoblin but it hasn’t noticed Killer, so he takes a walk to get a better throwing position and heal some damage.

Killer misses the Hobgoblin with all needles and is engaged in close combat. He misses the Hobgoblin with a headbutt. The Hobgoblin hits two times critically injuring Killer (1/11 Hp), while getting moderately injured by two punches from Killer. Almost dead he takes a chance and drinks a cyan potion and he feels better! (7/11 Hp) The Hobgoblin misses while Killer drinks. Killer hits but makes no damage. He hits again and The Hobgoblin goes down. He rests (10/11 Hp).

He spots an Ooze (found out that there's detailed descriptions). He avoids and outruns it.

He finds a runed chain mail and picks it up although he isn’t using armor. He is about to rest after fighting a Kobold but gets disturbed by a Bat. He kills it and rests for 200 turns (10/11 Hp).

He encounters the Ooze and barely succeeds to kill it, advancing to level 2 (15 Hp). Has a close encounter with a Goblin, eats a meat ration and gets full, and rests. Has a close encounter with a Hobgoblin (4/15 Hp). Rests. Finds a rambutan. He hears a Bark and faces a Jackal. A second Jackal emerges behind it. There’s a tough fight but Killer wins.

He tries a potion, it restores abilities. He reads his 4 scrolls. His robe gets +1. He then gets teleported. Nothing happens when he read the other two.

DL 2
He kills a Goblin and a Bat and advances to Level 3 (19/19 Hp). He increases his strength to 11 to make more damage. He makes short work of a Hobgoblin and feels powerful. He reads two new scrolls but nothing seems to happen. Maybe the scrolls affects weapons and he is unarmed?

He encounters a snake and gets poisoned and is having trouble hitting the snake (7/19 Hp). He quaffs a potion and becomes confused. He quaffs another one and gets fully healed but is still confused. The snake hits him again and he is more poisoned, draining his health. He tries to flee as soon as he has restored from the confusion but the snake gives chase and hits him again (2/29 Hp). He tries to put on his golden ring, but it’s cursed and he doesn’t know what it does. He tries to flee but finally succumbs to the poison.

The ring was a cursed –2, -4 ring of slaying.

Lessons learned. Not many. Maybe to move around a bit more cautiously and try to spot the creatures before they spot you. This character had no religion, so he couldn’t pray.

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Terje said...


I am impressed by this site and its content. Your Crawl games seem to go reasonably well for a Crawl beginner (really!), but this time you were truly unfortunate with the race/class combination. Deep elves are the most fragile characters out there. If they start as a magician, or manage to find a spellbook before they are killed horribly, they have a decent chance. But they're not exactly masters of melee.

roguelike said...

Thank you!

Yes my deep elf was killed horribly. :) I'm mentioning this problem in the short review of Dungeon Crawler.