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Crawler the Ogre Mage

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Random chooses Ogre Mage

"Ogre-mages are a separate race of ogres who are unique among the beefier species in their ability to use magic, especially enchantments. Although slighter than their common ogre relatives they nevertheless have great strength and can survive a lot of punishment. They advance in level as slowly as high elves."

Ogre Mages can be:

Random chooses Ice Elementalist

"Elementalists are magicians who specialise in one of the four types of elemental magic: air, fire, earth, or ice. Ice Magic offers a balance between destructive conjurations and protective enchantments."

He is quite intelligent. He is equipped with a quarterstaff, a robe, a bread ration and a book of Frost.

He has some spellcasting skills.

He is looking at the Freeze spell description in the book of Frost.

Dungeon Level 1
Crawler encounters a dangerous Kobold throwing darts (3/12 Hp). He has to retreat and heal for 100 turns (10/12 Hp). He enters the room again but the Kobold is gone so he picks up a few darts left on the floor. He almost dies in a fight with a Rat and a Giant Newt (3/12 Hp). He rests 100 turns again (7/12 Hp).

He casts a Freeze spell on a Hobgoblin, and it gets lightly damaged. It’s a touch spell. He finds a red rock staircase down. He kills a Goblin with the Freeze spell. He advances to level 2 (18 Hp, 4 Mp). He memorizes the level 2 spell Throw Frost from the book of Frost.

He forgets to rest to regain health and gets attacked by 3 Hobgoblins and 1 Kobold in a steady flow. He takes a lot of damage because of his bad armor protection and has to Freeze the first three enemies to kill them quickly, but that exhausts all his magic power. The fourth Hobgoblin chases the critically wounded Crawler (3/18 Hp). When Crawler is cornered he has regained 2 magic points and casts a Throw Frost spell at the Hobgoblin moderately wounding it. But the next turn the Hobgoblin hits Crawler with his club, killing him.

> The hobgoblin hits you with a club!
> Cast which spell ([?*] list)?
> Which direction ([*+-] to target)?
> The puff of frost hits the hobgoblin.
> The hobgoblin is moderately wounded.
> The hobgoblin misses you.
> You miss the hobgoblin.
> The hobgoblin misses you.
> You miss the hobgoblin.
> The hobgoblin hits you with a club!
> You die...

Lessons learned: Focus! Don’t forget to pray! Always rest to regain health.

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