Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deathbringer the Halfling Crusader

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Random chooses Halfling.

“Halflings, who are named for being about half the size of a human, live in small villages. They live simple lives, and have simple interests. Sometimes a particularly restless halfling will leave his or her village in search of adventure.

Halflings are very small and are among the least robust of any character species. Although only average at most fighting skills, they can use short blades well and are good at all forms of missile combat. They are also very stealthy and good at dodging and stabbing, but are poor at magic (except enchantments and, for some reason, translocations). They advance in levels as rapidly as humans. Halflings cannot wield large weapons.”

Random chooses Crusader. (yes, Halfling Crusaders exists)

“The Crusader is a decent fighter who can use the magical art of enchantment to become more dangerous in battle. Crusaders start out lightly armed and armoured, but equipped with a book of martial spells.”

Dungeon Level 1
Wielding a short sword, wearing a robe and equipped with a bread ration and a book of war chants, Deathbringer the Halfling Crusader ventures down into the dungeon to bring death.

He has no religion. He runs away from an Ooze. After killing a Giant Newt and a Giant Cockroach his dodging skill advances to 2 (5/11 Hp).

He wears a pair of boots (AC: 2). He rests and heals. He finds a chain mail and sees a Small Snake that hasn’t noticed him. He begins to dress the chain mail and forgot that it takes time, and the Small Snake and a Giant Bat start to bash him. He is critically wounded when he has finished dressing the Chain Mail (AC: 7)(2/11 Hp). He quaffs an inky potion and becomes invisible! The monsters still attack him, so he can’t be totally invisible but they don’t manage to hit him. He flees and the Small Snake looses track of him. He fights the bat for a while but finally gets away and rests to full health in a corner.

He kills the Giant Bat and finds a sling. He spots the Small Snake and kills it with a well-aimed stone from his sling. He encounters a Kobold and throws three stones at it but misses with all three. The Kobold engages in close combat.

Deathbringer gets electrocuted! Ouch! What was that all about?

Aha, he had a dwarven dagger of electrocution (18 damage).

Lessons learned: Shit happens. Cool killer names get you nowhere. Don’t play with random classes if you aren’t suicidal.

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Anonymous said...

You got unlucky, too bad. It seems that sometimes in early games you just need luck to survive. Although, if you had won that kobold you would have gained dagger of electrocution, a potent weapon.

roguelike said...

I noticed... and yes, it would have been nice to have that dagger. I had a dwarven shield +2 I never used.