Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jagged Alliance 2

World map: Yes
Permadeath: Optional Ironman Mode
Races: 2 (friendlies and bad dudes)
Classes: Hillbillies, murderers, psychos and machos
Religion: No, but tons of guns
Spellcasting: No, but lots of grenades
Persistent dungeons: Static
Version: Jagged Alliance 2 Gold
Latest version: 1.12
Graphics: Isometric
Mouse: Yes
Sound: Yes
Resource: Walkthrough

The Jagged Alliance series is one of the best turn-based tactical squad combat games in the family of X-COM game systems. The game is actually played in four layers. Through your laptop you get emails and attachments, hire mercenaries, buy guns & ammo and manage your budget. On the overhead map you deploy your squads, train militias, give your mercs tasks, manage inventories and examine the locations on the map. On the zoomed in map you pick locks, disarm traps, sneak around, talk to people, shop, kick in doors and step on land mines in real-time. In the turn-based combat you do all of the above, except talk to people, instead you dodge bullets and deal lead.

In Ironman Mode you get a kind of permadeath. You can't save the game when in a firefight, and sometimes they can take quite a while to play, so if the last bad dude on the map hits your favorite merc in the head it hurts as much to reload from the start of the battle as to see his head explode. The problem is that you can't turn your computer off until the battle is finished.

There are a lot of randomness in the game, like what stuff you find, what mercs are available, what's available in shops and the location of NPC:s. There are a lot of strange items, and some of them can be used to enhance other items or build totally new ones. It's all for you to figure out. But please, don't blow yourself up.

Read the Jagged Campaign.

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