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Endorfir the Gray Elf Part 2

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Puppy Cave Level 1

Walking northeast from the hamlet he notices a cave beside the road. Endorfir enters and there’s a pool in the first room. “Maybe I shouldn’t mess with it... yet,” he reasons. The next room has 4 new exits. Maybe he should try some of his items before continuing. Endorfir is very curious about the dusty tome he found when he fought his way out of the Village Cave earlier. He tries to read it, but he can’t decipher the contents. He reads a scroll named “VoPaK”. It’s scroll of identification. He has to choose an item to identify. He looks through his stuff. A glass amulet, the Carpenter’s hatchet, the huge iron hammer, two rings and four different potions. It’s not an easy choice. He chooses the huge iron hammer. Suddenly he knows the function of all his weapons. There’s a orcish knife of weakness (+1, 1d3+3) and the huge iron hammer seems to do a lot of damage but is inaccurate and lowers the wielders defensive ability (-1, 2d9+2) [-3, +0] (all this means that the hammer has –1 to hit, makes 2-18 +2 damage, and lowers the defensive value with –3). Since he relies on speed and mobility he drops the heavy hammer. He also drops the knife of weakness although it has better values than his ordinary knife (+0, 1d3+2), but the name has a bad ring to it. He saves his last scroll for later.

He continues to explore the cave. He kills an Orc. A spear barely misses Endorfir. It was a trap. He finds a strange stick and adds it to his missile slot. He hears a ripping sound. He gets hungry and eats a loaf of bread. “Somewhat stale but nourishing nonetheless.” He hears a splashing sound. He finds 38gp and hears a ripping sound. He has heard that sound before from the ripping of webs.

He enters a room with some minor hostiles, backs out into the corridor, and tries to fire the strange stick, but “that’s hardly appropriate ammunition.” He then kills the monsters with his sword instead.

He encounters a Raider. They once were huntsmen but now are corrupted by chaos and have turned to robbery and pillage. The Raider misses with an arrow and then dies from iron poisoning. Endorfir equips the arrow instead of the strange stick.

He then encounters a Cave Fisher. “It looks like part spider, part lobster. The body is covered with thick plates and it has eight legs. It grabs its victims with the front two. It lays webs.” Endorfir slighty wounds it with the arrow and then kills it in close combat with four slashes. It never managed to grab or hit the dexterous Endorfir. He finds a large ration behind a web.

He stows the shield and equips a dagger to try some two-weapon combat. He kills a Lizard Man and a Large Bat with ease. He goes down to the next level.

PC Lvl 2
He leaves a locked door alone. A Worker Ant is coming up through a hole. There’s a clicking sound. Endorfir kills it. He passes the hole and walks into a room. He kills a Fire Beetle and eats a bat corpse. A Giant Ant Warrior enters the room from the corridor with the hole. There’s a tough fight, the Giant Ant Warrior seems to have thick armor. They manage to injure each other slightly (47/55 Hp). There is a clicking sound! A second Giant Ant Warrior enters the room. Endorfir retreats through a door and fights one Ant at a time. Endorfir hits the Ant with full force but doesn’t manage to harm it. Endorfir examines the ant to see what he has noticed so far about the creature.

The Ant has a better protection value than Endorfir but Endorfir has a better defensive value. This means that the Endorfir will probably hit more but do less damage than the ant. Many exchanges of attacks later Endorfir manages to moderately wound the Ant. He hears clicking sounds! Maybe there are more Ants on the way. When both Ants are lined up he zaps his wand of magic missiles. “ZZAAAMMMM!” The magic missile hits them. “The Giant Ant Warrior hisses in fury!” The closest one is critically injured and the second one is moderately injured. Endorfir hits the Ant two times with full force and finally it perishes. Before he has time to close the door the second one attacks. Endorfir hits it and it is now severely injured.

The fight continues on and the room behind the Warrior Ant begins to fill with Giant Ant Workers. One of them crushes the wall beside the door. Endorfir feels his defensive position threatened. Endorfir hits the Ant again but it is still only severely injured. He needs at least two more good hits at it. Meanwhile the Worker Ant seems to work on the wall. A new Warrior Ant enters the room behind the Worker Ants. Endorfir decides to retreat.

He runs through the corridor towards the stairs with the Ants chasing. He enters a room with two Pit Vipers with suspicious coloration indicating that they are poisonous. He runs past them as they sting the air behind him. At first the room seems to be a dead end but as he comes closer to the far wall he can see an open door. He runs through the doorway only to be met by a third Pit Viper. Behind it is a Giant Centipede. He stows his knife and wears the shield to defend better. He kills the Pit Viper in the corridor and is engaged by the Giant Centipede. He kills the Centipede and blocks the Viper’s attack from behind. The corridor is empty and he runs for the stairs.

There’s an open pit in the floor of the corridor. Endorfir barely evades it when he runs over it. The Pit Viper behind Endorfir is fast; it stings after him now and again. Finally he reaches the stairs and rushes up the stairs.

PC Lvl 1
One Pit Viper decides to follow him, but he kills it. Endorfir walks to the room where he dropped the hammer. He slays a female Goblin Slavemaster and gets sword skill 5. This means that he gets +3 to hit, +2 to damage and +1 to DV with swords.

He picks up the hammer. Then he reads his two remaining scrolls. The first one makes the long sword glow in a light red light. He can still put it down so it isn’t cursed, maybe it’s blessed then. The second scroll seems to be blank. Now he has to figure out a tactics to get the upper hand in the battles against the Ants. He equips the hammer sacrificing some defensive mobility and accuracy for greater damage (a DV of 15/7 instead of 28/7, +10 to hit instead of +16 and damage of 2d9+4 damage instead of 1d8+5). He moves down the stairs to try his new tactic.

PC Lvl 2
He turns a Pit Viper to a mangled heap on the second try. He gets hit by a Giant Ant Warrior (50/55 Hp). He returns the blow and critically injures the Ant and kills it with a second blow. “He senses strange vibrations.” He then kills a Worker Ant. There’s a watery potion on the floor where the Warrior Ant died. He kills a second Warrior and Worker Ant.

Endorfir moves towards the Ant hole. Suddenly his Find weakness skill increases by +5 and his Two weapon combat skill by +1. It seems as learning from experience has some lag. Nothing is climbing out of the hole. He moves on and kills another Warrior Ant. He hears clicking sounds and returns to the hole. He kills another one and his skill level with clubs and hammers improves to 1. He fights a third Warrior and gets a small bleeding wound but wins the fight and advances to level 8 (66 Hp). He upgrades Healing and Two-weapon combat to fair. He kills some more Ants at the hole. He then gets surrounded by two Ants and gets slightly injured (60/66 Hp) but squashes the bugs with the mighty hammer. He stands on the hole “and something is moving below his feet”. He leaves the hole for now.

A Zombie comes limping down a corridor. Endorfir wields his sword and knife and destroys the Zombie with a couple of slashes and improves the dagger skill level to 1. He continues down the corridor to an intersection and spots a Goblin Slavemaster Zombie and a female Necromancer to the right and a Big Dog to the left. He turns the corner and slays the Zombie as both the Necromancer and Big Dog closes in from different directions. Endorfir slays the Necromancer just in time to dispatch the Big Dog and a second Zombie.

In the next room he meets a Shadow Centipede. “Bits of the exo-skeleton are missing or hanging off, and miscellaneous guts are either spilling or have been spilt out of it.” Endorfir easily dispatch it and a Lizard Man behind it. Before the Lizard Man dies though, he hits a vital spot giving Endorfir a slight wound (60/66 Hp). Endorfir finds the stairs down. He continues and enters a room where “the air of this room refreshes him and sharpens his spirits!” Endorfir quickly heals his wound in this room.

He fights a Chaos Sister. She’s quick and gets a lot of attacks but she gets wounded and flees. Endorfir finds a way around into the room with the locked door and meets an Orc Chieftain.

The Chieftan has time to do four attacks while Endorfir makes his two. After about ten rounds the Orc Chieftan dies (50/66 Hp). He leaves a robe, glockenspiel, and a ring on the floor. Endorfir then gets hit by a Werewolf and kills a few more Ants. He "hears an evil hissing and something large crawling about the ground." He kills the Chaos Sister. He “senses imminent danger… but the feeling passes.”

The Giant Warrior Ants are becoming more experienced and harder to kill. One is causing a lot of trouble and a bleeding wound (40/66 Hp). It is moderately wounded when the Giant Ant Queen enters the room. Endorfir slays the Warrior and retreats to the refreshing room and completely heals his wounds before taking on the Queen. (resting by using walk (w) and the stand still key)

He kills a Fire Beetle and eats the corpse. “He suddenly feels very hot.” Finally it is time for the duel with the Giant Ant Queen. Endorfir wins the duel with only slight wounds. The hole is now crumpled. He finds a rock with metal veins in one of the heap of rocks the Ants left behind when digging. Maybe it’s worth money, but it’s heavy to carry. He goes up the stairs and drops some stuff and then moves toward the stairs down. A Displacer Beast attacks. It’s very difficult to hit so Endorfir changes tactic to Aggressive (gives +2 to hit, +1 to damage and –3 DV). He hits but it is still too difficult. He changes tactic to Very Aggressive (gives +6 to hit, +2 to damage and –6 DV). He takes a hit but finally kills the Displacer Beast. He goes down again.

PC Lvl 3
He finds stairs leading down in the first room. He finds a metal cap and wears it (PV +1). Finds a scroll. “Hm, I recognize this. It’s a scroll of identify! I think I save it for awhile.” A locked door explodes when he tries to open it (45/66 Hp). In the next room two locked doors block passage. Endorfir shatters one of the doors with a mighty kick but a trap explodes. He partially evades the explosion, but his cursed short bow is ripped apart! Why isn’t he complaining? He steps on an alarm trap and in the next room kills a Raider. He goes down.

PC Lvl 4
He kills a Large Orc and finds a secret passage in a dead-end corridor. There’s a thick potion inside a room. Encounters a Necromancer. The Necromancer summons help from a bunch of skeletons. Endorfir cuts them all down. He advances to level 8 (72 Hp) and improves literacy to good. It’s very expensive to improve literacy compared to many other skills. He chooses the talent Ambidextrous (+2 to hit with two weapons). His appearance improves to 21. He then tries to read the dusty tome but still has no success.

He encounters a red Viper. “Snakes of grren, great to be seen… snakes of red, avoid and dread.” He avoids it. He really could use some arrows. He kills a coward Kobold Chieftan and then goes down.

PC Lvl 5
This level is made out of large cave rooms. A Minotaur is coming in for the kill. Endorfir spots a gray altar to the side. He moves behind the altar and tries to get the Minotaur to step on the altar. When it does Endorfir offers it to Ayssia, his goddess. “The Minotaur is consumed by a roaring column of flame! Ayssia seems to be pleased.” A Bugbear meets the same fate. Ayssia is now very pleased.

Endorfir drops the 6 watery potions on the altar and they begin to glow in a gray light. They are now holy water. He drops all items on the altar to check if they are blessed or cursed. The empty wand of magic missiles is cursed and so is the white potion. He dips the scroll of identify into the holy water and it becomes blessed but the potion disappears. He offers an Orc and a Minotaur that disturbs his work at the altar.

Endorfir now returns to dungeon level 2 to get all the stuff he left there. A dangerous Shadow chases him. He closes a door and has just enough time to collect all stuff and run up the stairs to dungeon level 1 before the Shadow opens the door. He then reads his blessed scroll of identify.

The strange stick is a boomerang of thunder (+3, 2d4+1), the amulet is a blessed amulet of light. The large hammer is a mithril hammer (-1, 1d10+5), so he drops the huge iron hammer. There’s a good short bow (+4, +0), so he drops the other one (+1, +0). The piece of metal is adamantium ore. He drops a cursed glockenspiel. There’s a ring of damage. Is it dealing damage or incurring damage to the wearer? Two rings of acid resistance. He wears one. He also has a potion of healing and extra healing, a potion of youth, and a cursed oil of dust removal. The dusty tome is a Spellbook of Scare Monster. He goes down again.

He throws the boomerang of thunder at the Shadow and moderately damages it. The boomerang returns and he manage to catch it. The next two attacks miss and the Shadow engages in close combat. “Endorfir hits it with full force and destroys it.” He hits a Fire Lizard with the boomerang and it is stunned by the thundering hit and staggers around until Endorfir kills it in close combat. He then encounters an Ogre Magus that “invokes an incantation. Suddenly he is gone!”

“Endorfir feels something passing very close beside his head. Something hits him (66/72 Hp). Endorfir swings at the empty air and slightly wounds the invisible Ogre Magus. The Ogre Magus gets more hits on Endorfir (43/72 Hp) Endorfir retreats and closes a door behind him. After a while it opens but Endorfir sees no one. He throws the boomerang but hits nothing. The invisible Ogre attacks. “Suddenly he appears out of nowhere. He invokes an incantation. Suddenly he is gone!” Endorfir switches to the mithril hammer and the small shield to penetrate the Ogres protection and defend better. The tactic works and when the Ogre becomes visible again it finally perishes.

PC Lvl 5 again
A Homunculus and a Cave Tiger wait to attack him. He succeeds in avoiding the creatures and hides behind the altar and offers the Homunculus. But when he tries to offer the Cave Tiger he hears a booming voice in his mind. “Be warned! Sacrificing my own creatures is not something I welcome with joy!” He kills the Cave Tiger instead.

He then offers a Displacer Beast and feels an inner strength lifting his spirits. He then offers a Ratling Archer and he notices a thundering voice in his head. “You dare to sacrifice one of my own creatures? Defiler.” “Ayssia luckily otherwise seems to be unconcerned.” The Ratling Archer drops a whistle.

Continuing into the large caves he encounters and is paralysed by a Floating Eye. Luckily no other monsters are close by and the eye misses until Endorfir can move again. He kills the Eye and then “senses imminent danger”.

He moves forward and finds a room full of Skeletons and Jackals. A Doppelganger engages Endorfir and suddenly looks as Endorfir to confuse him. Endorfir runs into a wall. When he has recovered from the confusion he kills the Doppelganger and advances to level 10 (78 Hp). He trains in Literacy, Healing and Two weapon combat.

He fights more Skeletons and some Ghuls. He kills most of the Ghuls with the boomerang but after awhile he doesn't catch the boomerang and has to kill some Ghuls in close combat. Luckily they never hit him, they can drain the strength of a victim. After the battle he finds a short sword and a scroll of identify. He tries to return to the altar but there’s to many monsters in the corridor. He goes down instead. He gets hungry.

PC Lvl 6
He is greeted with a message: “You feel excited…” A Dire Wolf follows him down. Some more monsters attack, mostly Hyenas. There’s too many monsters, he runs up the stairs again. Three Hyenas follow him. He kills them and a Swordsman and when things cool down he eats a Hyena corpse. “Foul meat… not your taste.”

A Fire Lizard breathes fire at Endorfir but misses but the heat consumes some bones on the floor. He goes down again and kills a lot of Hyenas. They never hit Endorfir so he switches from shield to two-weapon fighting. A Hyena manages to hit him but they are to few left to be any threat. He finds a climbing set, a scimitar and a blubbery potion.

He moves up a corridor and here comes an army of Gnolls, a grotesque hybrid of Man and Hyena. Just as the greeting message hinted this causes some excitement.

After some fierce fighting, taking only slight damage, there are only three Gnolls and the Gnoll Chieftain left.

Endorfir hits the Chieftain and wounds him slightly but gets critically hit in return (40/78 Hp) and is bleeding. He switches to shield and sword for better protection. The bleeding stops. He hits the Chieftain with full force and he panics. Some Large Gnolls cover his retreat and they are quite tough.

After killing the Chieftain there are a lot of items to pick up, Endorfir becomes burdened. He dips the scroll of identify into a potion of holy water and identifies all stuff. A leather cap is better than a metal cap but much lighter. A medium shield offers [+3, +1] at 100 stones and the small shield offers [+5, +0] at 50 stones, so he drops the medium shield. There’s a mithril scimitar (+0, 1d8+3) and three battle-axes with different stats, one is hefty, doing more damage but harder to hit with. There’s a mithril-shod quarterstaff doing (+0, 1d10+6) and a cursed potion of wonder.

He moves on, now fully healed. Some Gnolls attacks and throws battle-axes. He finds a blue gem and a brittle wand. He advances to level 11 (84 Hp) and trains Literacy and Climbing. Appearance improves again to 22. He is burdened by all the stuff and returns to the stairs to drop some stuff.

He encounters several tough Hyenas and Switches to mithril hammer to deal more damage. He finds a tome. Thinking about tomes, he tries to read his old spellbook of Scare Monster, but it explodes. The bracers of protection melt away and the heat shatters the amulet of light. He finds a ring mail in the vault but leaves it. He continues on but turns around when a dark corridor blocks safe passage. He tries another passage and meets a Staring Eye and kills it with the boomerang. In the last room he finds a cute dog corpse. The dog that he wanted to rescue is dead. He picks up the corpse and returns up the stairs.

PC Lvl 5
He gets hit by a Chaos Lizard and feels corrupted. He “senses imminent danger”. He runs to the altar and fends off a large group of monsters. A Gray Slayer hits and poisons Endorfir(55/84 Hp).

Endorfir feels the poison coursing through his veins! Endorfir hits the The Gray Slayer but it regenerates and hits Endorfir again (32/84 Hp). Endorfir takes a chance. The Gray Slayer seems to be some kind of neutral monster so Ayssia wouldn’t like it to be offered, but he tries anyway. “He feels inner peace”, so it was obviously okay. The poison is strong (22/84) so he prays. He is fully healed by Ayssia but is still poisoned. The poison takes away 10 Hp each turn so he prays to Ayssia again, and she cures the poison. He then kills all monsters and drops stuff on the altar to check if they are cursed or blessed. He has too much stuff; he should have saved the scroll of identification for now instead of reading it earlier.

A Dark Elven Warrior hits him and he is poisoned again. This poison isn’t as strong. He offers the Dark Elf. Tries out a bow and a bundle of five arrows. The arrows are of undead slaying. He offers a Large Orc and feels spiritually invincible. Gets more poison from a Tarantula and prays to get cured. Threatened by all these poisonous creatures he decides to return to the surface.

PC Lvl 1
With the dogs corpse in his backpack he is ready to return to the hamlet and finish his quest. He is just about to return to the surface when he notices the pool. Why not try a few sips? He drinks from the pool. “The water is suddenly writhing with snakes!” He kills five snakes but gets poisoned. He prays and gets cured. He thinks he has a very good standing with his god so he tries three more sips from the pool. He first becomes depressive, then poisoned and finally sick. “There has to be some positive effects.” Endorfir thinks and drinks some more from the pool. “Great Pure Dwarven ale!” Endorfir gets drunk, and then feels very lucky. He then suddenly remembers his early youth. He gets a couple of feverish fits from his sickness and gets seriously injured. (10/60 Hp) He prays but is still sick. He drinks some more from the pool hoping to get cured from the sickness. Suddenly “he feels like jumping around”. Now he is seriously injured again (13/60 Hp), this sickness is a real killer. He prays but this time the god isn’t answering (8/60 Hp). He drinks a potion of extra healing, but is still sick. He no longer seems to have feverish fits though. He has a lot of attribute minus from his sickness. (That’s why his maximum HP is low.)

He decides to go down to the altar to sacrifice to get help from his god. He can’t quick walk while sick and he begins to get feverish fits again. He goes to the quick healing room. A Floating Eye enters the room and paralyzes him with its gaze. Endorfir chokes on his own vomit when he is paralyzed and dies.

Lessons learned: Never drink from a pool if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sickness is dangerous! Maybe a blessed potion of extra healing could have cured the sickness completely?

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