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Jagged Campaign Part 4

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

21:10 Day 2 Drassen Attack

Ice, Ira and I came in from the south and immediately spotted a soldier in the closest house. We tried to crawl up against the wall but a soldier looked out a window and spotted us. Ice took him out with a burst.

I ran to take cover against the wall but spotted a bad guy by the trees to the right of the house and retreated. Before Ice had time to move another soldier showed up in the window and shot Ice (-14) and then crouched. Ice could only see his head and fired a snap shot at his head. He hit and the soldier dropped to the floor. I left Ira to cover the dude by the trees and moved towards the window. I heard faint sounds from north and northwest inside the building.

Ira took some fire from two positions by the trees but couldn’t see the soldiers. She got hit (-19). A soldier came into view behind the window and Ice hit him in the head critically wounding him. I crouched in front of the window and finished him with a snap shot. Ira ran from her vulnerable position, opened the door and entered the house. I covered Ice while he too ran into the house. I got up, and was about to run into the house when a bullet from the trees hit me in the leg and I collapsed (-6). Two more rounds whizzed over my head before I could get up, run inside and slam the door. I covered the south side while Ice covered the north and Ira applied first aid. A dude ran into sight and I nailed him with a burst.

A second dude made the same mistake and I dropped him too. Everything got quiet. We found a second Glock 17 for Fox. We then sneaked outside and checked the trees. We found another Glock 17 and some ammo. We sneaked to the north side of the road and checked two houses there through the windows but there were only scared civilians. We looked around a large area but found no enemies. Suddenly we heard a sound in the darkness of some brush. We sneaked around trying to locate the source of the sound. Ice saw him first and hit him with 4-5 rounds. He was the last one and he dropped a shotgun.

The time was now 21:28. We began looking around. Ira had some info:

The civilians told us that there’s a guy called Perko in Cambria that can repair almost anything, and that San Mona is a bad place full of sinners. There’s also someone called Doreen in this town that they want to get rid off. I checked out a house and the civilian said that we shouldn’t underestimate the queen. I opened the fridge and took a beer, then I used the bathroom and found a key in a closet. It was a shiny key, fitting a more than ordinary lock. I took it.

There was a bombed out airstrip and a helicopter wreck, nothing of interest, but there was a big building with some crates outside. We found a t-shirt with the text: “Diedranna Rules”. We entered the building and it was full of children working late. I talked to Doreen, the manager, and she was so full BS.

I was direct to her and she agreed that the factory maybe wasn’t a good idea and left. The children were happy. I washed my face at a sink and found a first aid kit in the closet. There was a locked room in the back and as Nails wasn’t there with his lock picks I tried my key. It worked! I found a couple of lockers containing Jackpot! Three 9mm SMG AP clips (armor-piercing), $450, a syringe filled with energy booster and some duct tape. I transferred the money to my account. I ordered the others over to our sector and Ira and Fox began to treat our wounds. Nails was tired as usual and slept.

I was totally patched up at 02:00 in the night but not tired at all (because patients get rest). I began training some militia. The cost was $750 as usual and I checked my account on the laptop. We already had some income from the mine.

Fox and Nails got out of bed early at 05:00 and began their work. Ice was fully restored at 06:00 in the morning and helped me training the militia. Some of us got better at what we do (Dylan Leadership +1, Nails Mechanics +1).

At 09:00 I got email. One was from IMP reporting on my personal file. They called me Einstein because of my score of 80 in Wisdom. Well, that’s why I learn so fast. I knew most of the other stuff but one paragraph had me a bit troubled. Like I couldn’t throw a grenade, huh?

The second email was from M.E.R.C (More Economic Recruiting Center). It was a new site offering budget mercs.

Their selling points were no money upfront, cheap prices and streaming video. I checked their files and it had mostly hillbillies and outlaws on offer. There was a mechanic though but I couldn’t afford him right now. With a daily income of $3000 I could barely afford Nails and Ice in the long run.

Ira was fully restored at 08:00 and Fox began to train her medical skill. I got a note that Omerta had received food from Father Walker. At 13:00 a squad of militia was formed. We trained some, Nails and I trained Agility to become stealthier. We trained until 21:00 and then we prepared to move out.

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