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Grubb the Troll Druid

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Grubb the Troll is a Druid and born in the month of the Cup.

He is awfully strong and tough but not too bright.

He chooses the talent Good Learner (+2% xp) (trolls get less xp)

He is wearing a hood, thick furs and a light cloak (DV/PV: 9/7) and wielding a heavy club (+1, 1d10+2) [-1, +0].

He knows a lot of things.

He enters the hamlet and talks to the Druid and the Sheriff. He then buys two large rations and leaves the hamlet.

A coulple of steps from the hamlet he gets hungry (trolls get hungry fast). He stops to eat and encounters a wandering wizard and decides to evade him (wilderness encounter, survival skill helps to evade unwanted encounters). He finds the sinister cave entry.

Druid Dungeon Level 1
He kills some minor creatures but feels a certain tension now and again. He gets hungry and eats. He reaches a dead end and searches for a few turns and finds a locked secret door. His apple is beginning to rot so he eats it. He “discovers a worm in this apple. Nice flavor.” He finds the stairs down and "senses a pious area.” He finds a black obsidian altar to the chaotic god, but he is a neutral Druid. He reaches a locked door and kicks it and avoids a flash. The door shatters and he is “welcomed with lots of squeaking sounds.” The room is full of hostile rats. He cleanses the room of pests and advances to level 2 (44 Hp). He gets 3 skill improvements. His looks improve. He kills all rats and eats a rat corpse. “What a tiny snack.” (the food preservation skill helps to find corpses to eat after a battle)

He kills a Kobold and Orc and finds a bundle of 18 arrows. Some raw meat is getting rotten, so he eats it. “Raaahh! Raw and bloody meat! GGRRRREEAT!!!”

He finds studded leather armor and wears it (DV/PV: 8/8). He then kills a couple of monsters and advances to level 3 (56 Hp). He chooses the talent Healthy (heals 20% faster) (this combined with his healing skill of 45% is making him regenerate hitpoints fast) He goes down.

DD Lvl 2
He finds a room with “the skulls of many creatures embedded in the walls. It’s almost like being in the grave with them.” Nothing special happens though. He encounters some animals and they are non-aggressive because Grubb is a Druid. But Grubb is also a Troll, and Trolls are hungry, almost all the time, so Grubb kills and eats an animal now and then. (this has changed his alignment from N= to N-, he is getting chaotic)

DD Lvl 3
He reaches a room filled with water. He jumps into the water to swim and his spellbook of Divine Wrath is destroyed. He just completely forgot that he had a spellbook so now he can no longer learn the spell. (stupid stupid Grubb) He fails his swimming skill test and takes some minor damage but reach the other side. With a swimming skill of 49% it’s no problem. He kills and eats a Goblin. “A little tough but tasty nonetheless. ”He finds a short bow and a robe. He goes down some stairs.

DD Lvl 4
He feels a certain tensions. He opens a door. “Around you the walls are destroyed. You are welcomed by a multitude of angry sounds!” The room is full of monsters. He backs out into the corridor to fight them one on one. He kills all monsters and advances to level 4 (65 Hp). He finds another room where "the breeze accompanying you causes some ancient bones on the floor to transform into dust. You feel a sense of relief." (he healed somewhat)

He encounters a Dark Sage. “He mumbles arcane formulae! Grubb is hit by a painful stream of energy!” After getting hit by a few painful streams of energy he kills the Sage (48/65 Hp) Grubb has heard that Kranach, the Raider Lord that the Sheriff wants killed, may leave after a certain time. He decides to return to the surface to look for Kranach.

He travels in the wilderness for a while and finds “a derelict and muddy settlement populated by equally derelict and muddy persons” called Lawenilothehl. He enters the settlement. "He hears the chime of a tiny bell." An Outlaw attacks and Grubb gets a bleeding wound. He kills the Outlaw and a Bandit. He talks to Kranf Niest, a mad doctor. "He is busy planning his experiments.” He talks to Skriek, the cloaked Ratling. He wants to sell a key for 590gp. He then finds and eats an Outlaw corpse. “Yum.” He kills an Assassin. He meets Yergius the master thief. He offers training. Grubb learns Pickpockets. He gets an alignment change to Neutral/Chaotic (N/C). Yergius wants Grubb to train some before teaching him more. He then meets Hotzenplotz, the Crime Lord. He asks Grubb to slay the sheriff in Terinyo. He enters Barnaba’s Black Market. There's lots of stuff. Expensive. An iron ration for 348gp.

He leaves the "hole in the wall"-town and walks out into the wilderness. “The moon slowly peeks through the cloudy sky.” He finds a small cave entrance to the north of Lawenilothehl, but leaves it alone, he is low on food.

He encounters a Hobgoblin patrol and chooses to evade. Later he encounters a roving Barbarian Group and chooses to evade but don’t get away and has to fight. He is surrounded by Barbarians. They exchange arrows and finally engage in close combat. He kills three of them and advances to level 5 (75 Hp). There’s a tough fight as he gets surrounded by 7 more Barbarians. He has to change tactics to very aggressive to hit (because of –1 to hit for each adjacent enemy over 1). Finally he kills them all and is seriously wounded (18/75 Hp). He finds some short bows and a lot of arrows.

He eats his last ration and returns to Terinyo. He talks to the Sheriff, and he still wants Kranach the Raider Leader slain, which means that Kranach still hasn't left the area. He buys two large rations and returns into the wilderness. He can't find Kranach and is starving when he returns to Terinyo. He buys four large rations and leaves again.

He encounters a group of bandits. Maybe that is Kranach? He kills them all (48/75 Hp) but no one was a Raider. Goes to Terinyo and talks to sheriff again. He still wants Kranach and now he follows Grubb out into the wilderness. They encounter an Orc patrol but evades it. They encounter a huge Grizzly Bear and can’t evade, but the Grizzly is friendly. When Grubb leaves the sheriff stays behind. Grubb enters the same spot again to look for the Sheriff but he is gone. Maybe he went back to Terinyo. Grubb runs out of food. He buys four more rations in Terinyo for his last gold and goes back to the Druid Cave again.

DD Lvl 1
He goes to the black altar and offers 7 rocks. He is thinking: "Me Troll. Me Druid. Me eat animals and learn to pick pockets. Me Bad. Me Bad Druid." He hears a voice inside his head. “*Welcome, Believer!*” The rocks are consumed by black flames. The gods of Trolls like stones and Grubbs offer was of enough value to make him shift to chaotic alignment and switch god. His new god Vagrak seems to be unconcerned. He offers all his stones but Vagrak is still unconcerned. He offers a Fire Beetle that steps on the altar. Vagrak is now pleased. Grubb goes down again.

DD Lvl 4
He kills an Orc and eats it. “ Tastes like pork… like bloody pork.”

DD Lvl 5
He finds a parchment tome and a scroll. He reads the tome but doesn’t understand it. He reads the scroll “FOO BAR” and "feels a tingeling sensation." He finds a glass wand.

DD Lvl 6
Grubb checks a couple of doors with traps and barely evades them. One of them drops stones from the ceiling. Great offerings to my god! He kicks a door and is stunned and blinded by a flash. No monster attack him while he recovers. He eats a Kobold Chieftain. He got sick! He gets feverish fits and takes massive damage. Oh no! Encounters a Goblin Chieftain. It punches through Grubb’s armor (9/62 Hp) and stuns him. Grubb prays and are healed. The Goblin hits again causing a bleeding wound. Grubb finally slays the Goblin. He returns for the altar.

DD Lvl 3
Before swimming over the river he drops the parchment tome.

DD Lvl 1
He offers 9 rocks at the altar. Vagrak is pleased. He tries some uncursed items. There’s a necklace of the silver tongue (+3 Cha). A blessed short bow turns out to be (+2, +0). He then kills some monsters and advances to level 6. He can now automatically evade wilderness encounters. He chooses the talent Basher (+1 with heavy weapons)

He is almost dead because of new feverish fits. He prays and gets healed. Prays again to maybe get cured from the sickness. “Mortal, ye art a nuisance!” “For some seconds the ground rumbles.” He gets very sick again. (35/73 Hp) He reads the tome and learns the spell Hellish Flames.

He is now running around the cave trying to find food and wait out the sickness. He runs out of food and goes up to the altar and tries to offer different things. The god is uninterested in most items. He is now starving. He tries his wands. Door creation and item detection.

He drinks a potion and becomes poisoned but also less hungry. The second potion is dwarvish mead. The third cures him from the poison. He finds a Gnoll and eats it (16/73 Hp). He still is hungry.

When he is about to swim over the water he fails four times in a row and drowns.

Lessons learned: Never eat Kobolds and never get sick. Read your spell books before swimming.

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Anonymous said...

Nice games, but you should try using first aid. Using survival could also be useful in some sutiations.

roguelike said...

I thought first aid mostly was to used to stop bleeding. I'll have to try it and the survival skill.

Anonymous said...

First aid does stop bleeding (or at least lessens it) but it can also recover few lost hp shortly after losing them. You can gather food with survival at outdoor map.