Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crawler VI the Spriggan Transmuter

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Crawler VI was a small magical creature distantly related to elves. He was trained as a Transmuter specialised in transmigrations. He knew one spell that was able to extract poison from corpses. When he entered the dungeon a Giant Rat and a Goblin immediately attacked him. He had a rod of striking and killed the Rat with a force bolt. He then injured the Goblin with another force bolt but when he again tried to use the power of the rod his brain hurt and he got confused.

When he restored from the confusion he noticed that he hardly did any damage to the Goblin with the rod so he decided to flee. He was very fast and ran away from the Goblin. Another Goblin came running at him from a corridor to the right so he turned left. A Giant Bat started chasing him and it was as fast as Crawler VI. Another Giant Bat and finally a third chased him through the corridors. No matter what he did they slowly ate him alive.

Lessons learned: Spriggans are no good Transmuters.

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1 comment:

Therac-25 said...

Spriggans make awesome transmuters. You just need to be very careful with them at the start.

The second spell you can get (it's third in the order, but you need to learn it second) can use those potions you create as an AoE attack. i.e. confusion, poison, etc. Even boiling water does damage. Confusion is awesome on the large groups of goblins and orcs later on, as they end up killing each other for you :-)

Since you can outrun nearly everything, you basically get to kite nearly everything. Sure, your rod takes a little while to recharge -- but you can stay at range from any melee creature indefinitely, as long as you don't wander into undiscovered territory (creatures will lose aggro eventually, too).

You'll also get some spells to make snakes from clubs (so pick up all the clubs you find), and turn into a spider for a useful melee attack.

And to keep in style with the kiting, you also get dig to dig your own holes in walls to escape.