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Jagged Campaign Part 5

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

21:05 Day 3 Drassen Airport Attack
We entered from the south and immediately spotted two guards.

We crawled a little closer and just when we were about to attack they noticed us. Bursts from Ice and me and a shot from Nails took them down, but Nails got hit (56/72 Hp). There were no more attacks so Nails, Ice and I crawled stealthily over the road to the fence surrounding the airport. We could hear sounds from the east and northeast, somebody was moving close by. Fox with the Colt .45 in her left hand, and Ira came crouching when the coast was clear. Nails opened a hole in the fence with the wire cutters and we sneaked into the compound.

We crawled up against the wall behind the nearest house in the row. We saw a guard in front of the house but he didn’t look our way. He then disappeared from view. I was just about to peek around the corner when he came around the same corner. I got him in the head with two bullets and he died. We all prepared for a counter-attack. Nails was just about to sneak behind a tree when he noticed a second guard just around the other corner.

Nails turned around and ran back behind the house and dropped to the ground. The guard followed and hit Nails (40/72 Hp). Nails returned the fire critically wounding the guard (-40). Ice popped around the corner and snapped a round into the guard that was only a meter away. His chest exploded in a cloud of blood and he was thrown several meters back.

Fox bandaged Nail's wound for the second time around. Ice didn’t hear anything so he tried to crawl around the corner to get a better line of sight, but only a meter away was another guard. The guard hit Ice with three bullets (51/90 Hp). Ice turned around and hit the guard in the face. The guard spun around 180 degrees and then fell flat to the ground. Ice gave him a killing bullet. Ice was now badly hurt and low on energy. Fox moved up to him and began to give first aid.

Fox and I began sneaking around the houses but didn’t spot anyone except for some scared civilians. We moved towards a hangar and a small plane. The others began moving towards the gate and Ice got fired upon. He couldn’t see anyone in the darkness, but I had spotted his attacker and was in his right flank. I fired four snap shots but missed all. Fox ran up to me and dropped beside me.

The guard ran towards Ice and disappeared from view. Ice’s team ran into the closest house and hid behind the windows. Suddenly there was a gunshot from the darkness, the window where Nails crouched shattered and he was hit in the head (7/72 Hp and lost 4 points of Wisdom). He fell headlong and dropped his shotgun. Fox and I spotted the guard (interrupt) prone on the road. He was no rookie. That was a long distance shot to the head in the darkness.

I fired a burst and hit him in the side with two rounds and he died. “Yeah! This is an enemy free zone.” (everybody wounded get bandaged automatically after each battle)

We walked around and checked the place. We found two clips of 5.56 ammo for the MP53 SMG and a 10 round 7.62 WP clip. We also found a can of gas. We met Pablo, the guy managing the cargo stores at the airport. He was a rude dude. Ice said: “That dipshit is full of it.” When we reached the helicopter Skyrider came forth and told us he was glad to be back in business. He could now transport us around Arulco. He also told us about a SAM-site to the east that we should take out.

The time was now 21:38 in the evening. I began to train militia and the others played doctors and patients.

Day 4
Fox went to sleep at 07:00 in the morning, Ira at 08:00 and I crashed at 11:00. Before I got to bed I checked the finances. Drassen was now 97% loyal to our cause, raising our income to $7360 a day. That meant that I could afford some more mercs. I checked my daily costs.

With a daily cost of $3284 and a daily income of $7360 I had $4076 extra each day to play with. But I only had four more days of income ($29440 income + $6406 cash = $35846) before my contracts ran out and then I needed about $23000 to rehire all three again. That leaved $12846 to spend in those four days. I had just got a slightly higher income this morning and could exactly afford Lynx. For one day he charged $8050 with equipment and medical deposit and is arriving in Omerta at 19:00 this evening.

Later that day Ice was fully restored and began training his strength. Ira helped me with the militia. At 19:00 Lynx arrived and walked east to the rebel HQ. I had told him that he should check with Miguel if the food and supplies had arrived. Everything was fine and Miguel offered Dimitri to help us. He was good at throwing knives and a good mechanic.

They began the long walk to Drassen. Ira and I had trained the first squad of militias and began to train another.

Day 5
At 02:00 in the night Lynx and Dimitri arrived at the airport. At 04:00 Nails had fully recovered. Ira got better at teaching. I fell asleep at 07:00 in the morning and Lynx took over the training (Leadership: 39). At 10:00 the second squad of militia was formed. We distributed all militia evenly among the three sectors of Drassen.

We slept to 16:00 and then we prepared to move out. Lynx 24 hours had gone by and I paid him another $2850. “Okay. I’ll stick around.” The mine income had increased with $100 a day because of even higher loyalty (99%) now when the town had a bigger militia.

To be continued...

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