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The Morg Saga Part 2 - The Alchemist

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

The Morg Saga Part 2
Morg decides to drink some Mead in the safety of the shop. Intoxicated he stumbles about confused in the shop and walks in directions not intended. He reads a scroll of Blessing and garbles the words. His pack glows white and many of his items are blessed. When he’s sober again he reads the now blessed scroll of Experience and advances to Level 5 (65 HP) and learns the spell Reflect. It’s a defensive spell that reflects some physical damage. But the spell uses 11 Magic Points (MP) and Morg only has 10 so he’ll have to raise his MP someway. He sells the blessed scroll of Pure Evil for 127 gold, because if it’s pure evil it can’t be any good.

He conjures forth his illusory self and they walk back into the forest. They battle with some Retchweed, a plant that stuns. There are a lot of them and the illusion perishes. When Morg has exterminated all the Retchweed he has regained all Magic Points so he conjures up a new illusion. The section is fully explored and he continues west.

There are Gnomes, Orcs and Womeras; cannibalistic ancestor of mankind. They are throwing crude spears from a great distance and are difficult to detect. Morg finds a Chain Mail, and a Boomerang. He decides it’s time to ID everything and the Boomerang is +1, great! Finally a real missile weapon. He isn’t sure he did much damage with the thrown Sai. He finds a Barbed Whip that turns out to be a Chameleon and grabs him and tries to eat him. He manages to kill it with the Trident.

A Berserker comes out behind a tree. Morg throws the Boomerang and hits, and the boomerang returns to Morg. The Berserker drops a Wand of Fire when he dies. He finds another shop with a lot of things. He sells his Sai +0 and throwing knives, relying on the Boomerang for now. He eats some food the shop has on offer. He then buys two scrolls of ID and two potions of Experience, drinks some Mead, reads a Scroll of Blessing and drinks the now blessed Potions of Experience. Before drinking though he identifies his pack to be sure that the potions of Experience really are blessed. They are blessed and a ring gets identified as a Ring of Immunity that grants poison resistance. Morg reaches Level 8 (85 Hp) and learns the spell Entombment. It’s a spell that locks all doors on a level leaving it’s occupants to starve.

He continues west. Suddenly he falls into a pit. A pack of Wild Dogs attack but Morg kills them from the inside the pit with the Boomerang. He climbs out of the pit. He kills an Anssk with the Boomerang and eats it, and just as he has heard, gets a Sixth Sense. If he ever becomes blinded he will sense creatures with the sixth sense. He finds a scroll of Blessing and potion of Experience, great! When the sector is cleared he goes north to the Village and sells some things and buys a Pick Axe.

He continues south to one of the last three forest sectors. A lot of Orcs, Womeras and Wild Dogs attack. He has a Boomerang/Spear duel with a Womera, but the Womera only has three spears so Morg has the chance to throw the Boomerang two more times as the Womera closes in and fells her. An Orc charges but steps in a teleport trap and disappears. Later Morg attacks a Dreg but the Boomerang +1 breaks and disappears (maybe because of the Dreg’s acid). Morg throws the Sai +1 but misses and finishes off the Dreg with the Trident. He is now out of missile weapons. His boomerang skill has increased to 32.

There’s a pool of lava in the forest. Two potions are floating in the pool. Maybe one of them is a Potion of Magic so that Morg can cast his new spells. He gets greedy and jumps into the pool and grabs the potions, coming up on the other side with only half his HP intact. Stupid, but he survived. Sector is now explored, so he identifies all his items, but finds no interesting potions, but a Holocaust Cloak (protecting against heat, such as lava, hmm) and a Ring of 94% Protection (detects traps with 94% chance) and a ring of Locus Mastery (controls where to teleport).

He then Fast Moves north to the shop and sells some doubles and now has 1918 gold pieces. He buys the scroll of Dispel Hex and reads it and he is finally able to let go of the Trident if he wishes. The Holocaust Cloak gives as much protection as his Grey Cloak +1 so he sells the Grey Cloak. He returns to the third shop and buys two Potions of Experience and blesses them by getting drunk as usual.

He then goes south and finds some unidentified items, reads a blessed identification and drinks the two out of three Potions of Experience that are blessed. He also notices that he has a scroll of Wonder and a scroll of Time Stop, and a Wand of Cancellation (cancels some creatures special powers). Sounds powerful. He wears a Helmet +0 (AC –2), drinks a blessed Potion of Strength (STR 18.96) He ends his apprenticeship and becomes a Master Conjurer (cheating with Potions of Experience, just as any Conjurer would do). He gets 99 HP, the skill to teleport at will and the spell Draining (drain life force with bare hands). He can now choose to continue as a Conjurer or become apprentice in another profession. He chooses to become an Alchemist to learn how to mix some powerful potions.

He goes north to sell a few things and buys three unidentified potions and identifies them in the hope that one is a Potion of Raise Magic, and one of them are! He drinks it and gets MP 11 and can now cast Reflect and Draining.

He gets back to the unexplored forest and finds a Vortex, it teleports him to Slaeter’s Sea where he finds Skidblanir, Freyr’s pocket sized Boat. Slaeter’s Sea is said to lie on the other side of the impassable mountains that surround Midgard. From here it might be possible to get to places such as Mimer's Realm (which is host to hordes of powerful creatures in addition to the Spring and Well of Mimer), Jotenheim (the land of the fire and frost giants), Nidavellir (the caves of the elusive dwarfs), the river Gioll (the entrance to Niflheim) and the base of the flaming rainbow bridge, Bifrost, which leads to Asgard.

There’s a lot of Elgars, friendly birdmen, fighting sea monsters and the Elgars are clearly losing the battle. One of them drops a Silver Mantle (resist magic), and Morg snatches it and returns to the forest as he feels he’s yet to weak to fight these baddies.

He then travels to the last forest sector and finds a Potion of Raise Magic. It gives him 14 MP so it must have been blessed and he is now able to cast all his spells! A Weird fume comes floating through the forest, and when Morg gets close and inhales its fumes he looses memory of the sector map, it gets almost totally black again. Then he grows a new finger, grows new eyes and changes gender a couple of times. Finally his brain throbs and he gets vertiginous. He moves away and drinks a blessed cure that cures the sickness and ends up with 9 fingers (default 8) and 4 eyes and a male gender. The eyes make it easier to hit foes in combat and the fingers permit more rings to be worn. He finds a food store and stairs leading down into a dungeon.

He meets a Raven that says:

Morg saw Thokk and are looking for her to slay her and trap her soul in the Ring of Soul Trapping. He hunts Thokk down and zaps the giant with a Wand of Fire then stabs her with the Trident. When she dies her soul is trapped in the ring. The ring should be given to Hela in Niflheim, to make her free Balder's soul. He takes off the ring so that no other soul is trapped instead of Thokk’s.

He meets some friendly Dwarfs, Lacunars (mermen of legend) and a Ranger. All nine forest sectors are now explored. He heads for the stairs leading down into the dungeon. Now 8000 turns have passed and it’s time for a permanent back up.

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