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Jagged Campaign Part 3

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

9:47 Day 2 Drassen Mine Attack.
We sneaked prone through the grass towards the houses from the south. A soldier walked around a corner and spotted Ice and drew his gun. Ice peppered him with lead and he landed in a pool of blood. Detected, we quickly ran to positions behind the nearest house.

Two soldiers came around the corner of the next house and Fox shouted: “Aggressives!” One of them turned around and disappeared around the corner again. Fox was the only one with a line of sight but it was a long shot. She missed with the first but hit with the second max aimed shot and she learned from the experience (Marksmanship skill +1). Ira and I ran behind the closest house to protect the left flank from flanking enemies. Nails and Ice moved up to better positions. Ice spotted the second soldier and had to drop to the ground without cover. He threw away a snap shot but missed. Both bad dudes fired at Ice but missed. Ira and I moved along the wall and I heard a faint sound coming from the northeast. “Just heard a noise.”

A new target presented itself in front of Fox. She choosed between her last wounded target that was prone or a closer standing target. To fire at the standing target would take a little more time when she shifted her aim, but he was closer and a greater threat so she fired at him. She missed the first and shattered a window in the distance but hit his chest with the second. That left him standing but in a poor condition. Nails tried to finish him off but aimed far to the right. Ice nailed him with a snap shot but missed the next target with his second one. Ira and I played it safe and waited for someone to come around the corner, but when I didn’t hear anything we continued moving. I noticed someone through a window cowering, but it was a civilian. Both visible bad dudes fired at Ice and grazed him once. One of the soldiers was bleeding, he was moaning (-1 Hp), and the second one disappeared around the corner. Ice moved to cover beside Fox and Nails fired at the bleeding soldier and hit but did only light damage (-3), he must be wearing body armor. Nails reloaded his shotgun with PolyCore Slugs, they tear through body armor as though it were tissue paper. He hadn’t time to fire though.

The second soldier came around the corner again and Ice sprayed him, hitting with two rounds, killing him. Fox emptied her Glock at the bleeding soldier without hitting.

I strafed around the corner and saw none. I quickly ran, vulnerable to fire from many houses across the street, and opened the door to the room where the civilian was cowering and entered. Ira followed me and ran to a window facing to the northeast. Too late she spotted an enemy hiding outside the house just a couple of meters away. She had no time to react and ran past the window to take cover. No one fired at her. She turned around and noticed that the soldier now was blocked from view. Nails took some fire that hit the tree he was taking cover behind. He returned the fire but missed. Ice tried a well-aimed shot and hit. “You’re history, dude.”

Ira heard a definite sound and I heard a faint sound coming from the northeast, indicating that the enemy was just outside the house to the north. I prepared to fire through the window I was crouching behind. Ice moved up to the wall to sneak a peek around the corner. Nails ran to a bush and crouched with a line of sight along the wall where Ira had seen the soldier outside the house. Apparently the soldier decided to turn around because a second later he came around the corner again in plain view of Nails. Nails hadn’t time to fire so he dropped to the ground (interrupt turn).

The soldier spotted Nails and turned around once again and ran straight into my line of sight outside the window. I had flipped the MP5K to automatic and sprayed the guy with both shattered glass and lead (interrupt for both Dylan and Ira). The soldier dropped out from view underneath the window. The immediate area cleared, Fox reloaded her Glock with 15 rounds and took out her medical kit to dress Ice’s wounds. Nails, Ira and I advanced. When I exited the house I noticed that the guy I had sprayed was still alive. I finished him off with a karate chop to his neck. Nails got spotted by a bad dude behind the next house in the row of houses and took a couple of rounds above his head (interrupt for enemy) before he had time to drop behind a small tree. The bad dude got a good look at Nails and obviously thought he looked mean as he turned around and ran around the corner into my view. I dropped to the ground beside the poor guy I just had killed. I let go of a burst but missed. Ira reacted to my bad situation and ran out and crouched behind me for an aimed shot but missed. The soldier fired two rounds at us and I reflected: “Yeah, that coulda been bad, but I got me some kickass karma.” Then I returned the favor with a well-aimed round killing the already wounded soldier. “Bingo!”

We all reloaded and sneaked along the row of houses (real-time) until Nails spotted an enemy a distance away to the east. We all took cover behind houses except Nails who dropped down behind a tree (turn-based). The soldier hid behind a house and disappeared. Ice and I sneaked along opposite walls to surprise him (real-time). Ice saw him first and fired a burst, hitting with one round (-22) and backed behind cover.

Figuring that the bad guy would wait for Ice to peek around the corner I sneaked around my corner and sent a focused burst at his side, killing him.

Area cleared we went scavenging. We found some powerful .357 ammo, but we didn't find the gun to load it into. We found some marbles in a drawer and a first aid kit in a bathroom. I talked to a civilianwho said: “I think all of us should be standing up to the Queen’s army. Maybe you should show us how to use guns?” I then went to the mining office and talked with the head miner, Fred Morris. He promised to continue mining and turn the proceeds to me. I took some TNT and some wire cutters from the office and then entered the mine. I was so low on funds that I decided to do some prospecting. There were a lot of workers down there, but they didn't say much. I found a much needed toolbox. With it Nails could begin to repair damaged stuff. I actually found quite many small silver nuggets worth around $50 a piece for a total of $1646. I deposited the money to my account. I was totally wasted when I came out of the mine and I had to catch my breath.

Nails found a bar. The bartender told him about his four brothers, all bartenders in Arulco. He served alcohol, wine and beer. A civilian at the pool table told Nails that there's a weapon dealer in San Mona.

A civilian told Ira that there's a hospital in Cambria. Another one told her that we should avoid Alma, because it’s a military town. Nails found a medical kit and two tranquilliser darts in a dentist’s office. I found a break light in an abandoned store. Ira found the church and talked to the priest. He promised to get food and supplies to Omerta by tomorrow morning. Nails picked the door to a room in the back of the church and found a shotgun and some ammo in a locked chest. He took the stuff; we’re on a holy war here.

Everybody gave damaged stuff to Nails and he began repairing it with the toolbox. I began to train militia; I had to pay $750 for the gear. Fox was doctoring Ice and Ira with a medical kit.

Ice was completely restored at 12:00 and helped me with training the militia. At 17:00 Fox and Nails went to bed. At 19:00 a squad of ten militia soldiers had been trained in the basics of the art of combat and Ira was fully healed. There were small enemy squads moving in the vicinity.

Ice, Ira and I weren’t especially tired so we formed a squad and got ready to infiltrate the next section of Drassen. It was becoming dark so I would lead because of my better night vision skill. I borrowed some 9mm pistol clips from Fox just in case. I only had one extra 9mm SMG clip. I switched my flak jacket for Ice’s kevlar west and borrowed Fox’s steel helmet to have some more body protection. Ice and I took one water canteen each, this fight could turn hectic. I took the Remington shotgun from the church, just gone over by Nails, just in case. We rested a couple of hours while we waited for the twilight. The crickets played ever louder.

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