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Jagged Campaign Part 2

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

10:36 Day 1 Country Road

We walked along a country road towards Drassen when Ira said: “We have company. Deidranna’s men are around." We had three choices; retreat and travel another way, try to sneak past the enemy squad or take them out. We didn't retreat.

I sent Ice ahead on recon. He crouched stealthily (highest agility: 89) to the next cover behind some brush. Then the rest of us moved over, a lot noisier. Ice moved again and then stopped and said: “The bad dudes are here. Time for them to taste trouble.” (switching to turn-based) He went prone and hoped the bad dude wouldn’t spot him. He remained undetected and the bad dude disappeared from sight. (switching to real-time) They all crawled towards a group of boulders north of the enemy position. Suddenly Ira said: “The army! I knew we would see them sooner or later.” (switching to turn-based) Ira was spotted. Ice, Ira and I took cover behind the rocks. Ira had time to fire a round, although the dude was outside effective range, and she missed. Ice spotted a second bad dude to the front left. Nails ran to the left to try to flank the left dude. Fox ran to the right and took cover behind a tree. The first bad dude fired two rounds at Ira and hit her with the last one (Red bar: Health. Blue bar: Energy. Green bar: Morale.)

Ira returned the fire but missed. Fox fired two rounds but missed. I fired two snap shots and hit with both. The dude fell and was dying. Ice fired at the guy to the left but he was outside effective range and missed. Nails moved in and spotted the left dude and dropped behind a boulder. Ice fired a couple of rounds at him to suppress him. I ran towards the dying dude but spotted a third a short distance behind the first one. I wanted to dive but only had time to kneel. Both enemies fired at me but missed. This gave Nails the time to get closer. I ran back to cover behind the rocks. Ira crawled behind a boulder and readied her medical kit to dress her wounds. The dude closest to Nails became nervous and tried to leave his position running. Nails was prone and had him lined up and fired away. A good hit in the chest (making –81 damage) dropped the dude. Ira was now bandaged.

Fox rushed forward to a position behind a boulder and spotted two more guys. She dropped behind the rock and took some fire. Everybody advanced some, leaving their cover, to come into range. Fox was in a dangerous position facing two enemies so she crawled behind a boulder and fired at another dude that came into view. Ice dropped behind a bush and fired a burst at a prone dude hitting him with one round. Snake fired his shotgun but hit a tree. A bullet grazed Ice and he got angry and killed the dude he just wounded with another burst. Fox peeped over the boulder and put a bullet into one of the two remaining enemies just a few meters away, wounding him. After a short sprint I reached a good flanking position behind a boulder to the left of the enemies. Ice took fire from both enemies. They got nervous and tried to change position. Fox peeped over the boulder again and dropped the dude she had wounded with two well placed bullets. I fired a burst at the last remaining enemy, hitting with one bullet. Ice fired two aimed rounds hitting with one leaving the target critically wounded. Fox peeped over once more and finished him off. He was the last one.

We searched the bodies and found some ammo and a Colt .45. We continued east along the road, but when we reached the northern part of Drassen, the airport, we went south into the woods. The airport was surely well guarded and had to be dealt with later when we were better prepared. We continued south into a swamp (D12). At 16:24 we noticed a house in the swamp (this location is random).

I entered the house and talked to a guy called Skyrider.

He was a chopper pilot hiding from Diedranna. He could offer transport if we escorted him to the airport. He seemed like a nice guy and a chopper would be really nice. I agreed (he joined the squad but couldn’t be euipped).

18:09 Day 1 Drassen Mine Recon

We prepared for battle and moved into town. “This is a guaranteed combat area. Got enemies.”

The number of enemies was unknown. The squad was low on energy from the trip through the woods and swamp, the only one fresh was Skyrider but he wouldn’t fight (EP = Energy Points).

We entered the zone from the west and we deployed as one squad in the southwest.

The position had bad cover so we retreated south onto a road leading out of Drassen. Fox said: “I need my beauty sleep soon.” Nails agreed. We were becoming tired. We then moved east and arrived at a river at 23:06 to plan an attack at Drassen from the south instead. We had enemy presence both in Drassen and in the swamp we just left. Everybody was tired so we took up defensive positions and went to sleep (time acceleration used).

07:00 Day 2 South of Drassen

I’ve got an email in the morning from Enrico. Everybody was still tired so we slept one more hour. At 08:20 we locked and loaded and began moving north.

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