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Pask the human farmer

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Pask is born in the month of the Raven.

She is a human female farmer.

From the manual:

"FARMER -- Even among the most average folks, there are some valiant and larger-than-life persons who are born to achieve more than their parents and grand parents. After the news about the impending danger had spread throughout the lands, those people started their journey to the location in the Drakalor Chain which might change their destiny -- and the destiny of their world. Farmers are neither great fighters nor skilled magicians, but they possess inner strength and endurance from years of labor. Often they are accompanied by their trusted dogs. They are accustomed to hunger and hardship and often have very little to lose compared to the amount of fame they might be able to win. Equipped with a broad knowledge about herbs and food, they are probably the best prepared class (except for barbarians and beastfighters) for extensive travels."

She is strong and quite perceptive.

She chooses the talents Healthy (heals 20% faster) and Good Learner (2% more xp)

She is Dressed in clothes (DV:10/PV:0) and armed with scythe (+1, 2d6+2) [-1, +0] She is equipped with a lot of food and equipment.

She has a lot of skills.

Accompanied by her Large Dog she enters the small hamlet of Terinyo.

The village fool says: “Walk to the north-west and retrieve one of the best!”

She talks to the Druid.

The village elder, Rynt, doesn't give her any quests now that she has talked to the Druid.

She went to the shop and bought a piece of raw meat. She used the skill Haggle three times to get the price to move from 32gp to 25gp, then haggled once more and now the shopkeeper wants 30gp again. That's what greed gets you!

She then goes southeast and spots a sinister cave entry.

Druid Dungeon Level 1
She forgot her pet in the hamlet. She returns for it and loses about one day. Back in the cave she finds a scrawl-covered tome. “The walls of this room are scarred by the signs of many fights. Most parts of the room are heavily damaged.” She finds some bread, gets hungry and eats the bread. “Somewhat stale but nourishing nonetheless. “Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less.” She checks her inventory but nothing is gone. Maybe it's some food getting rotten?

A Hobgoblin attacks. It hits Pask (16/20 Hp), but then Pask hits with her scythe and slays him. She enters a dark room and uses a torch. The room is now lit. There's a locked door. A skeleton emerges from the shadows of the dark room. Pask destroys it and advances to level 2 (26 Hp) and gets 4 skill improvements because of her high learning (Le). She leaves the room and extinguishes the torch. She finds another locked door. She finds the stairs down in "an incredibly ancient room". She kills an Orc. The piece of raw meat rots away.

She enters a room and kills three different kinds of Goblins. She then kills a female Hobgoblin and advances to level 3 (30 Hp). She chooses the talent Polearms (+2). She finds a sling and a rock. A Giant Centipede is killed by the dog. She kicks one of the locked doors and it explodes, she partially evades the explosion, but the rock she is holding as ammunition is destroyed (18/30 Hp). She shatters the door with a mighty kick. She then kills three monsters and advances to level 4 (32 Hp).

She gets attacked from two direction by a Claw Bug and a Ghost Bat. The Claw Bug is very hard to hit, and has six attacks each turn. Pask misses and gets several hits by the Claw Bug and one hit from the Ghost Bat causing her to age. She is critically wounded (4/32 Hp) and changes tactics to very aggressive and manages to kill the Claw Bug with the next slash and the Ghost Bat misses. Pask transforms it into a wisp of smoke and advances to level 5 (38 Hp).

She closes all doors to a room and tries to regain some health. Only a few minutes later a door opens and a Kobold Chieftain enters. Pask misses but the Chieftain hits (4/38 Hp). Pask changes tactics to coward (-10 to hit, -4 to damage, +8 DV) and tries to retreat (this speeds up a critically injured character somewhat). The dog attacks the Chieftain, but the chieftain kills it. Pask changes tactic to very aggressive, but misses. The Kobold Chieftan hits killing Pask.

Lessons learned: Remember to pray!!!

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