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Rogge the Draconian Reaver

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Random chooses Draconian.

“Draconians are a race of human-dragon hybrids: humanoid in form and approximately human-sized, with wings, tails and scaly skins. Draconians start out in an immature form with brown scales, but as they grow in power they take on a variety of colours. Some types of draconians have breath weapons. Draconians advance very slowly in level, but are reasonably good at all skills but armour (most types of which they cannot wear) and missile weapons.”

Rogge chooses to be a Reaver.

"Reavers are warriors who learn the magics of destruction in order to complement their deadliness in hand combat."

The Reaver chooses a weapon from short sword, mace, hand axe or spear. He chooses spear.

By looking at the item description it is learned that the spear is better for the dexterous. This is bad news for Rogge who has low dexterity.

From the manual it is learned more about dexterity:

“Affects your accuracy in combat, your general effectiveness with missile weapons, your ability to dodge attacks aimed at you, and your ability to use thiefly skills such as backstabbing and disarming traps.”

Dungeon Level 1
He finds a cloak and wears it over his robe (AC: 4). Rogge is fighting Kobolds and Giant Newts. As a Reaver he already knows the spell Magic Dart that hurls a small bolt of magical energy. First he weakens them with a Magic Dart and then he usually hits with the spear at the first or second try, killing the opponent. Sometimes the attack is a Draconian tail-slap. He advances to level 2 (21 Hp, 2 Mp) and tries to memorize the second level spell Throw Flame but fails. “This spell is somewhat difficult to memorise.”

He reads his scrolls. He smells wet wool? He teleports with the second one. Nothing seems to happen when he reads a third. He then encounters a Hogoblin and miscasts his first Magic Dart. The second hits lightly injuring the Hobgoblin. He retreats a short distance and restores some magic power (1 Mp) and casts another Magic Dart, moderately wounding the Hobgoblin. He then kills the Hobgoblin in close combat (10/21 Hp).

He is very close to advance his spellcasting skill (skill level 2) but although he is casting a lot of spells he seems to learn other skills first. He turns off all skills except Spellcasting and the next time he casts a spell he advances to level 2 in spellcasting. He now tries to memorise the spell Throw Flame and succeeds. “This spell throws a small bolt of flame.”

Level explored, he reads two new scrolls. Nothing happens when he reads the first one and it crumbles to dust. He reads the second one and “feels momentarily disoriented.” His memory of the map layout is muddled. He goes down some stairs.

DL 2
He encounters a Snake and throws a Magic Dart. He miscasts the spell and “sparks fly from his hands!” There’s a long fight with the Snake, it’s difficult to hit and wound. As soon as Rogge recovers some magic power he casts a Magic Dart. Finally the Snake is almost dead and flees (13/21 Hp). Rogge chases the Snake and when it’s cornered it turns to fight. It hits Rogge and he is poisoned (9/21 Hp). He quaffs a red potion and gets fully healed but is still poisoned. He drinks a murky potion and feels better. He is cured from the poison. It was a potion of healing. He views the item description and learns that the potion of healing is a more powerful version of the potion of heal wounds.

He is feeling hungry and eats an orange. It was delicious. He fights a Hobgoblin and miscasts the Throw Flame spell and has to kill it in close combat (11/21 Hp). He learns the dodging skill. He now is a Level 3 Reaver (28 Hp, 4 Mp) and chooses to raise his dexterity (Dex: 7). He rests and then chooses between two spells to memorise.

He chooses “Stone Arrow” and succeeds. “This spell hurls a sharp spine of rock outward from the caster”. He turns off the practice of polearms to save points for spellcasting skills. The weapon skills eat practice points because he uses weapons more often than spell casting.

He reads a scroll and chooses to identify an elven mace, and it’s cursed (+2, -2). He finds one more scroll of ID and identifies a glowing whip of speed (+2, +1). He wields the whip. His hands tingle. It’s a low damage weapon giving one extra attack. He is hungry and eats a bread ration.

He encounters a Snake and kills it with spells. His Conjuration skill increases (level 3). He runs around and checks all stairs leading to DL 1 and notices that two up-stairs can connect to one down stair and that they don’t have to lead to the closest stairway on the other level. It's very confusing. He reads some scrolls. “He senses the presence of curses on his possessions.” “His cloak glows green for a moment.” (+1) “This scroll appears to be blank.” He tries to wield some weapons but can’t identify them further. He wields an unidentified spear. He wears his uncursed robes and finds one that is enchanted (+2) (AC: 7) and drops the rest. He puts on a tiny ruby amulet and a wooden ring but can’t identify them.

DL 3
A Snake attacks. He has a hard time hitting with the whip and switches to the spear instead. He gets poisoned for a short while and then kills the Snake with a combination of spells and spear attacks. He kills a Giant Bat with a tail-slap. He encounters Hippogriff and avoids it.

He then stumbles into a room with lots of Gnolls.

Rogge retreats into the corridor and fights them one on one. After a few thrusts he identifies the spear as ordinary. He kills the first Gnoll but gets moderately wounded and quaffs a potion of heal wounds (26/28 Hp). This battle is too dangerous and he reads a scroll of teleportation and teleports three rounds later to an empty room.

A Giant Cockroach attacks. Rogge miscasts the Throw Flame spell. “Lukewarm flames ripple over his body.” He kills it with the spear. He is hungry and eats a lemon. He finds a scale mail armor but it doesn’t fit on his Draconian body.

Suddenly the Hippogriff attacks. The Throw Flame spell misfires but two magic darts lightly wounds the Hippogriff. The Hippogriff has four attacks and Rogge is moderately wounded already after 2 turns. He retreats to some stairs close by and is just about to climb them when the Hippogriff gets four hits killing Rogge.

He had a ring of sustain abilities and an amulet of conservation.

Lessons learned: Drink healing potions before trying to flee.

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