Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bruno the Human Warrior - Part Two

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Expedition 2
Down in the dungeon again he tries a new scroll and senses the presence of buried treasure in the immediate vicinity. He mines metals for a total worth of 50gp. He goes down a staircase.

DL 2
He feels that "this level can’t be all bad" and decides to explore it some. He kills a Novice Rogue with four bolts and advances to Level 9 (86 Hp). His light begins to flicker so he fuels his lamp. He encounters Grip, Famer Maggot’s other dog. He hits it with a bolt. It howls with pain and flees. Bruno catches up with it and slays it. He then has some trouble with a pack of Cave Spiders (25/86 Hp) and drinks a potion of heroism. He heals some and feels like a hero. After rooting out the Cave Spiders most of the level is explored so he goes down.

DL 3
"What a boring place." He fights a Blubbering Icky Thing and it crawls on him and eats one of the food rations. He eats a food ration. He finds a Mithril Plated Wand. He identifies it with a scroll as a Wand of Magic Missiles with 12 charges. He mines quite a lot of treasure but is disturbed by a lot of invisible creatures so he reads a scroll of detect invisible. Slowly some wormy masses materialize into view. They are Clear Worm Masses that breeds explosively.

He can only see them for one turn so he retreats. He tries a potion hoping to restore his lost strength, but it’s a potion of weakness and he is slowed by the weight of his stuff (-1 Str). He tries another potion and it’s a see invisible. He goes down a staircase.

DL 4
"This level can’t be all bad." He drops his pickaxe weighting 15 lb and is no longer slowed. A Yellow Jelly poisons him but he survives. He finds some arrows but feels that they are cursed and drops them. He fights a Copperhead Snake and is now a Level 10 Warrior (110 Hp). He fights a bunch of Cave Spiders (29/110 Hp) and rests. He fights a Novice Warrior and gets a Chromium Wand. He gets hungry and eats a food ration. He is just about to pick up a pile of copper coins when the pile forms a mouth bites him. He slays it and picks up the scattered copper coins. He tries a white potion and his eyes begin to tingle. He now has infravision. He fights a couple of Large Kobold and they do heavy damage.

He quaffs a potion of heroism. He kills one but he can see more of them in a room at the end of the corridor, both Small and Large (56/110 Hp).

These are the toughest creatures so far. He reads a scroll of Phase Door and ends up in a room just south of the Kobolds. No corridor links up to the Kobold-infested room so Bruno rests. He then moves out and plans to engage the Kobolds with his crossbow. But when he picks the lock of a door and opens it the Kobolds are already there, looking for him.

He quaffs his potion of berserk strength and “feels like a killing machine.” He gets hit while drinking (95/103 Hp). He hits the Large Kobold and spots a third in the corridor while taking a hit himself. The next turn Bruno misses and the Kobold hits (78/103 Hp). He aims his wand of magic missiles at the Kobold and hits, doing about the same damage as with the broadsword. He fights the Kobold with his sword and finally slays it (42/103 Hp). A Small Kobold attacks next. He hits it and it flees but a Large Kobold takes his place. Bruno reads a scroll of Phase door and gets teleported about 10 meters back into the corridor. He wants to use the crossbow but the corridor is pitch black and he can only see two squares in the light from the lantern. He retreats into a lit room. He is only five steps into the room when he spots the first Large Kobold charging after him.

He hits the Kobold with a bolt doing quite good damage. He hits with the second but misses the third and the Kobold engages in close combat, with a second one coming up right behind him (50/103 Hp). He tries the Chronium Wand at the Kobold and hastens it. Damn! It's a wand of hsten monster so he won't be able to speed himself up. The Kobold hits him two times. Bruno reads another Phase Door. He teleports just a few meters inside the same room. He hits the Kobold with a bolt before it reaches him once again. He then shoots magic missiles at the Kobold two times but it still lives. Bruno reads his second last Phase Door. He only teleports a few meters away in the same room. The hasted Kobold catches up with Bruno really quick when he tries to flee out into the corridor (16/103 Hp). Bruno reads his last Phase door but only teleports a couple of meters and is slain when trying to flee.

Lessons learned: Large Kobolds are dangerous. The scroll of Phase Door don’t teleport you very far.

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Anonymous said...

I think phase door can teleport you about a dozen spaces or so. But as far as "I gotta go right now!" is concerned, you generally end up on the bad end of the deal. I think the mighty deity, RNG, is biased towards the monsters. ;)

Worthstream said...

Please, don't let this blog die... It's really good written, and the idea of a commented play, through a blog is really interesting! :)

roguelike said...

Thanks Worthstream!

I have a few stories waiting to get published but I've had a lot of things to do. Hopefully I will get back to it sooner than later...

ExistingThing said...

I got a LOT better when I started playing more slowly.

(not to say you're not doing well! just my suggestion! :)

Anonymous said...
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