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Fortress Tinearths – Year 1064

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Early Spring

This year begins with the crazy Trapper starving to death. There’s only one empty coffin left, which makes 17 stiffs. We are now opening up that river cave I promised Nil. 18 dwarves and 4 cow calves and a mule arrive. Among them 3 Swordsdwarves, 2 Jewellers, 1 Trapperdwarf and 1 Metal Smith. That makes a total population of 28 dwarves. We were careless and had a cave-in in the new river cave but no one was wounded. There are some plants already growing in the river cave to collect.

We are now mining a second farm plot room. With five Miners it’s really fast. A Swordsdwarf suffocated because of a lung wound from sparring in the barracks. Ilral the Mason got a head wound from something and is now resting in bed.

Late Spring
Üshrir the Jeweller is taken by a fey mood. In a trance he goes to the jeweller’s workshop and claims it. He then gets some bones and gems and starts a mysterious construction.

Early Summer
The Jeweler created Notlithast, a Aventurine ring and he became a legendary jeweler.

We lost the new Trapper to two Ogres. One of the Ogres got a bolt stuck in the lower body. The other Ogre gets close to fortress entrance and one of the two new Swordsdwarves kills it, and later finds the second wounded Ogre and after a short fight leaves it unconscious in the river to drown. We are now mining a second housing block.

One Ogre comes chasing after a Carpenter. The two Swordsdwarves intercept it at the bridge. The Ogre stuns Tun and starts wrestle him. Ingish the second Swordsdwarf tries to attack the ogre but also gets stunned by the Ogre’s powerful blow. The Ogre breaks Tuns swordsarm and he drops his obsidian short sword. Ingish starts to slash at the Ogre cutting off his upper left arm. The Ogre falls down and looses consciousness. Ingish kills it while Tun crawls towards the fortress, but he faints. A new Metal Smith recovers Tun and carries him inside. (The small red number two in the second image is the Ogre's left arm.)

A second Ogre is roaming and chases a Farmer all the way to the entrance. The global order “Soldiers can go outside” makes all civilian dwarves retreat inside. The Ogre follows through the main doors but gets a stone in the head from a trap. It faints. When Ingish the Swordsdwarf is trying to catch up with the Ogre he harasses some Hippos instead and gets seriously wounded in the sword arm. Etur the one-eyed Carpenter is close by and kills the Ogre with his axe before it wakes up. Both Swordsdwarf goes to heal their wounds in bed.

We got a lot of raw turtle, made one of the Fisherdwarves to focus on fish cleaning. We are building a new dining hall in the Lower Main Hall (other side of cave river). Setting a stockpile close by to only receive prepared meals, and setting the stockpile close to kitchen not to take prepared meals, results in prepared meals being hauled to the new dining hall. To the right is the new Forge Hall being mined.

Late summer
We are building one more mason’s workshop to make a lot of stone blocks to later build a caravan road. We are building the first wood furnace to make charcoal. We are building one more kitchen to make tallow of animal fat to be able to use it for cooking.

Three Frogmen crawled out of the well. Both Swordsdwarves are still wounded and resting in bed. The blue Craftsdwarf to the right is the squad leader Tosid the Wrestler. Made his squad active, it’s the old crew with the one-eyed Carpenter and everybody else carrying axes. Made the Wrestler fight unarmed to keep him from getting a weapon and attacking right away instead.

Tosid throws down the closest Frogman and wrists his left arm until he is stunned. The blue Axedwarf to the left lying down by the doors (brown background) is the one-eyed Carpenter unconscious as usual. The gray recruit to the left of him is a peasant training to become woodcutter, so he’s already wielding an axe. The upper Frogman chases after the Jeweler (green) and the third frogman chases after the Mechanic (red)(confused yet? ;).

Ilral the Mason attacks the upper Frogman even though he hasn’t had time to get his sword. He throws the Frogman to the ground and begins to wrestle it. Both Ilral and Tosid the Wrestler slowly breaks the bones of their adversaries. The recruit is having a hard time to engage the third Frogman and tries to catch up with it. Just when Tosid’s Frogman faints a fourth turns up and wounds Tosid in the leg. Ilral has killed his adversary and is moving down to help Tosid. The third Frogman chasing the Mechanic gets a stone in the head when he tries to leave the fortress. It gets unconscious and the recruit takes it out of its misery.

Tosid the Wrestler is fighting a losing battle. The Frogman throws him back and wounds him in the lower body. Ilral joins in and knocks the Frogman down, but getting injured in the upper body. Two against one they now kill the last Frogman. Awhile later the one-eyed Carpenter awakes and looks around surprised at the bloody mess with his one good eye.

Late Summer
Eshtan the Peasant is practicing as a Carpenter. He is a dabbling Carpenter and very slow, but one-eye isn’t much faster because he’s unconscious half of the time. The planting goes well. There are two Farmers; one of them was a Peasant now promoted to Farmer. There’s also one Peasant planting seeds. We have 47 plants and 71 seeds meaning that it’s a good idea to open up the second farm plot section above. A Peasant got promoted to Carpenter.

Early Autumn
The Mechanics are switching some stone-fall traps to Ogre bone crossbow traps at the entrance. They reload automatic and faster. We are building the metalsmith’s workshop. There’s going to be a flood and the Metal Smith that is carrying our anvil to the building site decides to take a break and drops the anvil on the bridge!!!

It washes away with the flood! The rumor travels fast around the fortress. “We lost the one and only anvil.” “This fortress must be cursed!” "We are surely doomed.."

The making of charcoal in the newly built Forge Hall is canceled. Without a metalsmith workshop there’s no need for charcoal (except making metal bars). The dwarven caravan arrives. We traded stone arts for 15 meats and 25 Plump Helmets.

We desperately need an anvil! But the mule caravan will never bring one. We are building a caravan road to make it possible to receive bigger caravans with wagons.

By mistake we destroyed the trade depot while the caravan was still there, and when they leaved they refused to bring their stuff. I don’t know what kind of diplomatic complications this will result in.

Late Autumn
10 immigrants arrive, one of them a child. There’s a new Carpenter and Marksdwarf. Äs the Marksdwarf gets the hunting job; we’ll see how long he survives. We now have a population of 37. Ilral the Mason gets a strange mood and withdraws from society. She claims a mason’s workshop and fetches a limestone and some acacia logs and begins a mysterious construction. She constructs a limestone coffin and becomes a legendary Mason.

Notices that the barracks is full of sleeping civilians. Time to place all doors and beds in the new housing block. Two peasants are drafted as Marksdwarves. Aban, one of them, becomes a Marksdwarf after training for a while.

Both Swordsdwarfs are now healed, as am I. A puppy has grown to become a dog. Booked an odd cow for slaughter. A short while later it has been struck down. It gave 9 chunks, 9 meat, 9 bones, 6 fat, 1 skin and 1 skull.

Late Winter
A Frogman climbs the cave bridge and hits a Fisherdwarf in the head, stunning him. Nil the Miner flees. Five more Frogmen are swimming down the river towards the bridge. Both Swordsdwarfs and both Marksdwarfs are activated and sent to the bridge. Momuz the dog attacks and wounds the Frogman in the upper body, stunning it.

The five Frogmen close in on the bridge. The Swordsdwarf squad leader is sleeping and the Marksdwarf squad leader is too far away to be able to save the Fisherdwarf and dog. The Miners Nil and Dumat are close by and they are formed as squad “The Gloved Rams” and are ordered out on the bridge with their picks.

The dog forces the Frogman back and bites it in the head. It gets stunned, winded and feels pain, drops into the water, leaving some Frogman chunks on the bridge. The cave river is colored red. The second Frogman has climbed the bridge and jumps the stunned Fisherdwarf and wounds him in the arm. Both Miners and the dog reach the Frogman and rip him to pieces. The other Frogmen have retreated. Both Miners complain about being drafted and gets relieved.

Just got some calves, orders them to be placed in the cage. Äs the new Trapper comes up to me, looking unhappy. He hands me a notebook with the words: “Do whatever you want, but I ain’t hunting no more.” After reading the notebook I recruit him to the Marksdwarf squad to keep him inside for a while, I know how depressed Trappers can become.

This is what Äs the Trapper wrote:

Äs Zonlolum Trapper (a detailed study of a Trappers life in the bush):

Walked close to a flock of Hippos, they didn’t mind, I did though, they looked dangerous. Met my pet Dodók the foal. He likes to follow me around. Walked past a marsh infested with flies. Saw a couple of monarch butterflies. Traveled past the road construction. (Passed a flock of Warthogs) I saw Etur the Carpenter felling a tree on the other side of the river. He kept awake. Dodók returned home. I did the same. Came real close to a Warthog and hit it in the left front leg with a bolt. (Äs seems almost blind, must have to do with low ambush skill) Hit it with a second bolt and it lost consciousness. Killed it with a couple more bolts.

Returned the kill to the refuse stockpile. Don’t want to butcher. Asks a Peasant close by doing nothing to butcher the Gazelle. He gets the butchery and tanning job. Went out to hunt again.

Went inside to drink some wine. Heard that the Warthog gave 5 chunks, 5 meat, 4 fat, 5 bones and 1 skin. Went out to hunt again with Dodók. Found a flock of Gazelles. Had to kill four to get one, wasted a lot of iron bolts (with global refuse order: “Gather refuse from outside” free dwarves will return the other kills). 17 bolts left. Returned the kill. Heard that the warthog leather was tanned and that they now are making a leather water skin for me to bring water on my hunting trips.

Early Winter
I returned to the last hunting ground and shot a wounded Gazelle and returned it. Dodók has grown to become a horse. Went north this time. (Passed real close to some gazelles without noticing them) I turned around, reached the road construction site and greeted a couple of Masons carrying stone blocks. I like the new fine road. I got hungry and went inside to eat. It was crowded in the Upper Main Hall, dwarves running around doing all kind of chores. Passed on the turtle stew in the first dining hall, and went over the cave river to the second dining hall to feast on some dwarven wine biscuits instead. I really like the taste of dwarven wine. I am a little upset with being relieved from duty. I liked it as a Marksdwarf. I don’t mind being outside though, at least not for a short time. I finished my meal to the sound of a Mason cutting stone blocks close by.

I then went to the brewery and drank some dwarven wine. A Farmer was brewing in one of the stills. I went out to hunt again. Met Kogan on the bridge, he looked completely healed now. I got tired, and went to sleep in the wilderness.

Woke up and went inside. Got my new water skin and began to fill it at the well. I got thirsty and went to drink some wine. That was a fine drink! Then I went back to the well to finish filling the water skin. Went out and shot a Gazelle, returned the kill and hunted some more. Got one more. Returned it. Killed two more. Only 1 bolt left.

Late Winter
I had a hard time finding prey. Suddenly I got more than I wanted. Three Ogres rushed at me. Fired my last iron bolt and ran as fast as I could.

Two of them almost caught me at a river crossing but Dodók my horse turned up and attacked one of them. They had me surrounded but now I got the chance to run over the crossing.

He fought both Ogres for a while before they killed him. He fought them both bravely and gave me time to run away. My poor horse...

I returned home to get more bolts but I got sleepy and slept outside. Now I am unhappy because I lost Dodók. I am getting used to tradegy. I don’t want to be a Trapper any more… I want my brave horse BACK!!!

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