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Fortress Tinearths – Winter of 1062 and Year 1063


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After Kogan has penned down the history of the expedition so far, he begins to focus on the present. This is what he wrote:

After the catastrophic start up of Fortress Tinearths, with the deaths of two dwarves and the incapacitation of a third, we are now facing a long winter. To survive we have to focus on these matters:

We have 65 units of wine and 28 units of Plump Helmet to brew making another 140 units of wine. Liquor will not be a problem, and hopefully we will get some meat and fish. There’s a lot more wild game here than they had in Fortress Tinshot, according to the logbooks. We have a horse and a foal that can be slaughtered in a crisis. There’s 24 units of raw turtle meat that have to be cleaned in the fishery. We have some fat and have to build a kitchen to make tallow to use in cooking.

We have 11 empty barrels and as soon as we have a kitchen and can cook bigger dishes more barrels are going to be free to use. The problem is bins to store weapon, armor and finished goods. We only have got three logs so we have to cut some more trees.

Weapons and Armor
With Ogres roaming about it is best to equip all dwarves with weapon and armor as soon as possible. We have 5 obsidian short swords, 1 iron battle axe and 1 iron crossbow. We only have one set of leather armor. If we build a tannery we could make some leather to make leather armor with a leather works. Right now we are too few though.

We had no immigrants. Hopefully there will be some next year.

Assign jobs
Brewing: Tun the Farmer.
Cooking: Tun can cook when there’s no more empty barrels to brew with. Render fat.
Hunt: Tosid the Metal Smith.
Fishery: Nil the Miner cleans raw turtle meat.
Wood Cutting: Kogan the Miner cuts wood.
Make Bone Bolts: Ilral the Mason

I will continue penning tomorrow.

Bad News
Tosid the Metalsmith never came back from the hunt last night. Early the next morning she met an Ogre. She bled to death but left a bolt stuck in the ogre’s right leg. The Ogre left. Now hunting is out of the question. Prioritizing cleaning of raw turtle meat. It is noticed that there’s some kind of communication problem. When Tun has brewed a barrel of wine a Plump Helmet Spawn is left. The seed is taken to a seed bag in the furniture stockpile instead of to the seed stockpile that is much closer to the farm plot. This wastes a lot of time and have to be fixed some way.

Late Winter
We have 60 units of liquor, no meat, and 4 fish left. There are still lots of unprepared raw turtle. We are too few dwarves. With everyone concentrating on their jobs no one hauls the products to the stockpiles, and food is getting bad in the kitchen. Tosid is now buried. Ilral begins to make stone crafts instead of bolts.

1063 Spring
Flooded farm plot and began sowing. The cat drowned in a cave river flood, it got trapped on the bridge. The horse got three foals.

Today 15 immigrants arrived. Three roaming ogres attacked them before they could reach the fortress. Two of them chased a Fisherdwarf and the third chased a Farmer.

One of the immigrants was a Trapperdwarf and fired bolts after the Ogres. He managed to incapacitate one Ogre. (The global order “Dwarves stay inside” is activated.) Everybody ran inside with the ogres following. The Farmer, the Fisherdwarf and a mule died outside. Fikod the badly injured Carpenter from the original crew went berserk in his bed when he heard about the Ogres and we had to kill him, as he was dangerous. The old crew and I met the Ogres inside with short swords drawn. There was total chaos.

Wearing my leather armor and axe held high I attacked the Ogre that just killed a farmer. As I was about to slay the Ogre with one mighty blow I slipped and the Ogre wounded me and I had to tactically regroup outside.

A Craftsdwarf was then struck down. Tun the Farmer attacked with her obsidian short sword, aided by an unarmed recruit. The ogre got tired from the wrestling and was slain. Finally all recruits formed up and killed the other two.

Three dwarves died, four including the berserk Fikod, making a total of 16 survivors out of which 4 are left from the original crew. Tun the Farmer lies critically wounded in bed. Inod, a new Mason, is also wounded in bed. I am wounded but working and not very happy with life.

We now have 2 Miners, 3 Carpenters, 2 Masons, 1 Trapper, 1 Craftsdwarf, 2 Farmers, 1 Mechanic and 3 Peasants. We also have 1 horse, 1 mule, 4 foals, 1 kitten and 1 cow calf.

Miners are now focusing on mining. Mechanics build mechanisms to make much-needed traps. I try to work as much I can but I have to rest now and then because of my wounds. Assigning a main Carpenter focusing only on carpentry jobs. He quickly makes 9 new beds. We are building a tannery.

Late Spring
While mining out a barracks Nil struck silver.

Making plans for 22 2x1 square rooms. Three Ogres roam the lands, killing one Carpenter. Making a squad. One Ogre gets close to the fortress entrance and kills the cow calf. Likod the new Trapper wrestles (no bolts left) the ogre and the squads comes and kill it. The squad goes out and kills the remaining two ogres, but a Carpenter is wounded. The squad is disbanded except one Peasant now training marksmanship in the new barracks.

Tun the injured Farmer throws a tantrum in her bed when she is drafted by mistake to the squad. I made her civilian again. She is unhappy, but healing. I have to go to bed, the pain from my wounds are too great.

Nil the Miner gets more experienced, she is now an Adept Miner just as me, and she is also extremely tough, while I am very agile instead, well if I wasn’t wounded. It’s a hot and dry summer, the grass becoming brown. Tun the injured Farmer went mad from boredom, running around babbling.

Late Summer
A Peasant working in the farm plot got ambushed by 5 Frogmen. They killed him and no one was close to help. A squad was formed and dispatched. The first recruit that arrived wasn’t armed. He wrestled with three of the frogmen and managed to flee with minor wounds. The second recruit that arrived was Etur the Carpenter equipped with an axe and she got tangled up with four frogmen. She stunned one of them and another one was becoming tired. One frogman followed the fleeing recruit over the bridge, but met the rest of the squad’s 5 recruits. Two Marksdwarves fired bolts at the frogman that turned around and fled back over the bridge.

While Etur the Carpenter wrestled the four frogmen she got promoted to Axedwarf. She managed to tire all four frogmen and entered a martial trance. Tosid the Craftsdwarf who arrived unarmed wrestled the fifth frogman and became a Wrestler. The other squad members went to fetch something or eat in the middle of the battle. By making the new Axedwarf squad leader instead of the one leaving the battle, one of the other recruits turned around and entered the battle again shooting bolts. The Frogmen perished one after another, the last one tried to crawl away overexerted. Etur the Axedwarf and Tosid the Wrestler got wounded, and Etur may lose one eye. The Mechanics are now building stone fall traps by the river.

Etur has extreme pain from her wounded eye and looses consciousness now and then but she continues to work. The new Trapper made some weird mistake and got run over by 4-5 hippos, getting badly wounded. A Carpenter goes out to recover the wounded Trapper.

Early Autum
The dwarven caravan has arrived. We trade a lot of chalk bracelets, idols and other stone arts for 15 meats, 5 cow cheese and 11 units of leather. Tun the crazy Farmer died of thirst, taking away the most experienced Farmer from the fortress and leaving the original crew with 3 members alive. Inod the wounded Mason is now fully healed and gets up from bed. Etur the Carpenter’s left eye hasn’t healed and she still faints now and then.

Built leather works and made some leather armor.

There are now 2x1 rooms for everyone, a barracks with archery range, a burial room, a new dining room and a new storage for finished goods. Assigning the now trained Marksdwarf to the hunting job. I am up and running, but a little stiff in the left upper arm.

Harpies threw a farmer into the river and killed him and then a mule, but the mule managed to wound one of the Harpies. Then they killed the Marksdwarf that now was hunting (no shit!). He had no bolts left. Sent a squad. Ilral the original Mason arrived first and slew one Harpy with his short sword. Then came Etur the one-eyed Carpenter and slew the injured harpy, but then Etur got unconscious because of her old wound. The last harpy closed in on the unconscious Etur but she awoke just in time and killed it.

Tosid the incapacitated Trapper went stark raving mad and is running around babbling. Four Lizardmen attacked from the cave river bridge. One chased a Fisherdwarf that was fishing from the bridge but got killed when it stepped under a stone-fall trap. The second Lizardman also fell for a stone trap. The last two seemed to retreat, they were gone when the squad arrived.

Ilral came and reported that the Entrance Hall’s defenses were built. I followed her to inspect. In the Upper Meeting Hall the new moat, mined by Nil and me, was filled with water, and over it was built a rough Onyx bridge.

“How do you like my bridge?” Ilral asked.

“It’s nice, rough and durable.” I answered.

“Yes, and it’s retractable incase invaders survive the defenses in the Entrance Hall.”

“Which are?” I asked.

“Come here, let me show you.” We walked through the doors into the Entrance Hall.

“If the invaders breach the entrance doors they will be greeted by our mechanic’s carefully placed two lines of stone-fall traps (^). If they survive the cracks in their heads bolts from the fortifications carved in the north wall will spray them.”

“Good work! The problem is that we have no Marksdwarves to spray the bolts. Maybe we could ask Nil to become one?” We went back to our chores with smiles on our faces.

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