Sunday, December 3, 2006

Hacker part 2 - The quest for Excalibur

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Hacker has heard a rumor (read a spoiler) that a lawful high-level person might be rewarded by dipping a sword into a fountain so she tries it. Her long sword rusts somewhat and a feeling of loss comes over her. She tries a couple of more times and the sword gets wet, rusts some more and water gushes forth from the overflowing fountain. She tries once more but the fountain dries up and she now has a very rusty long sword.

She goes down to the shop and sells the cloak and three helmets for 35gp. She now has to find some food before she becomes hungry again. She finds a room with a large box but a trap door opens up under her when she enters and she falls down to Dl 5. She kills a pony and begins to eat it when three giant rats attack. They perish in a rain of throwing daggers and she resumes her meal, just to get disturbed by a door opening. It’s a hobgoblin and she kills it with throwing daggers and finishes her meal. On the hobgoblin corpse she finds a scimitar, an orcish helm, a chain mail and a lamp. She gets burdened when she tries to carry the chain mail so she drops it. It is not wise travelling while burdened, you get hungry faster and move slower. She eats the corpse of a giant rat and feels sick. She eats the hobgoblin and gets satiated.

A gnome attacks with throwing daggers but Hacker hacks it, getting even more daggers. She hears the chime of a cash register. She hacks another gnome and gets an axe and a slime mold. She feels clumsy and loses a point in dexterity (because of rat?). She picks up 53gp. She then encounters a floating eye and backs away. She finds a scroll labelled: “LEP GEX VEN ZEA”, some stairs down and a new fountain, time to #dip! The sword gets wet again but she finds 22gp in the water. She dips the sword some more times and now it becomes a cursed thoroughly rusty +1 long sword. Cursing, she dips again, the sword now grafted to her hand. She feels a sudden chill. Desperately, she dips again and now she unleashes a water demon and the fountain dries up.

She hits one time against 16 hits from the water demon, it having three attacks each round. But the demon doesn’t seem to make much damage. (42/59 Hp) She tries to retreat but the demon is to fast. She hits it again but now a second demon materializes. (33/59 Hp) She tries to zap them with her ebony wand. A bolt of fire hits the demon and bounces on the wall.

She zaps both demons one time each but they survive and now she is seriously wounded. (22/59 Hp) She tries to flee and gets out into the corridor without suffering any more hits. One of the water demons wields a bow. A yellow light blocks the corridor.

She realizes that the last move she made was a big mistake. She had a great chance to hit both demons with each zap of the wand of fire, but now it's to late, she took one step to many up into the corridor. She takes a chance and moves towards the light. It explodes and Hacker is blinded by a blast of light. She now senses creatures from a distance.

She moves up through the corridor but gets to a dead-end.

What should she do now? It’s not a good idea to zap the wand of fire because it would bounce back at her. She prays to her god. The water demons are held back a few turns while Hacker prays to Tyr. She can feel that Tyr is well pleased but nothing happens and yet one more demon is summoned. Hacker hits a demon trying to fight her way out. Someone is zapping a wand at her and one more water demon materializes.

She is critically wounded (5/59 Hp) and tries to pray once more but Tyr no longer protects her and she dies. Her possessions are identified but there isn’t anything special. Her attributes were interesting, she was poison and acid resistant, maybe with Tyr’s help?

But what help was that against the water demon? She vanquished 55 creatures.

Lesson learned: Never dip your sword one to many times or you will get more than you asked for. And of course, always make maximum use of your wands!

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