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The Smiling Blob

Details about Dungeons of Daggorath

Intro from manual:

"There is a tale," he said, "passed down for centuries and almost forgotten, of a time in the Olden Days when a curse such as this descended on the land. Deep beneath these towering crags, in the Dungeons of Daggorath, an evil Wizard made his home and grew in power. But before his destruction of the land was complete, a brave adventurer ventured into the fearsome Dungeons and drove the Wizard away, saving Rivenshire from a devilish fate."

The hero enters the dungeon. It is pitch black. He can hear the heart beat in his chest. There are a lot of strange sounds in the dungeon. Some seems close, some distant. The hero pulls out a torch from his backpack with his left hand. (Commands: “Pull Left Torch” or “P L T”) He lights the torch and mounts it on his backpack. (“Use Left” or “U L”) He can now se a corridor. He then pulls his sword with his right hand. (P R SW) It is a wooden sword.

He hears a sound from behind. It sounds like a viper (with a lot of imagination). He turns around and sees a door to the left. Suddenly a viper coming from behind attacks him. (That’s the problem with 2D-sound) The hero is lucky; monsters can’t attack from behind, they always line up in front of him before attacking.

The hero is surprised and the viper hits him. The heartbeat increases. The hero hits (“Attack Right” or “A R”) the viper a couple of times but the viper is fast and hits him a second time. The heart is pounding fast. He hits the viper and kills it with the third blow. His heartbeat is slowing. A spider attacks but is killed by one blow.

He waits a short while to get his heartbeat down to a more relaxed beat and then moves forward (M). He turns right (T R) and then goes through the door (M). He hears sounds everywhere. He turns left. There’s nothing but an empty corridor. Suddenly a viper attacks and hits. His heart is pumping faster. He kills the viper with three blows. He waits a moment for the heartbeat to slow down and then moves down through the corridor. When he moves his heartbeat increases again. He has to gain some experience to get a better condition. Sometimes he has to rest for a moment before continuing. He turns around a corner and ends up at a door. On the other side is yet one more corridor. He moves past a couple of doors to the right. He now hears a deep thumping sound close by. Down the corridor comes a smiling blob.

It moves slowly and the hero prepares to attack. (A R without pressing enter) He makes three attacks and then moves away.

He waits for the blob to catch up and attacks again and moves. This is very dangerous, one hit from the blob could kill him. After about ten hits the blob dies leaving something on the ground.

He moves to the thing and then examines the corridor. (EX) He now sees what’s in the corridor and in his backpack.

It’s a ring. He picks up the ring. (“Get Left Ring” or “G L R”). He tries to identify the ring. (“Reveal Left” or “RE L”) He’s too inexperienced to identify it.

By listening for sounds he finds a viper and kills it. Two blows was enough, he is getting stronger. He now hears a loud clanging sound. A stone giant comes around a corner and attacks.

The hero panics and moves backwards (M B). While getting ready to face the giant a second one comes around the corner behind the first one. He panics and runs straight ahead through both giants. They are to slow to hit him running by. He moves left through a door (M L) and then moves a couple of steps into a corridor. With a racing heart he turns around. (T A) Soon one of the stone giants enters the corridor. The hero attacks three times, moves two steps, turns around (to better time the attacks). He slays it with two more hits. He can hear the other giant moving in the distance. The giant leaves a torch on the ground.

He is just about to pick up the torch when the second giant attacks. The hero moves away. The giant picks up the torch. The hero dances around the giant and kills it with five blows. It leaves a sword.

A couple of vipers attack but he kills them with ease. Before picking up the stuff he tries to identify the ring. He fails again. He puts the ring into his backpack. (“Stow Left” or “S L”) He gets the torch and stows it in the backpack. Underneath the torch was another torch. He stows it. He then picks up the sword and identifies it as a wooden sword. Disappointed he stows it to.

He moves around in the dungeon looking for something to fight. He kills a spider and a viper. The viper drops a shield. He examines.

Then he looks up at the dungeon again (L). He picks up the shield with his left empty hand (G L SH) and identifies it. It’s a Leather shield. A spider attacks, but the hero is not afraid of spiders any more.

He is now lost in the dungeon. Every corridor looks the same. There are no sounds. He moves around. The heart rate increases. He spots something in the distance.

The torch is burning out and it’s getting darker. He moves closer and finds a hole down.

There’s a sound of a viper from behind. Afraid that the torch will burn out in the middle of the fight he stows his shield and pulls up a new torch. The viper attacks and is barely visible and very difficult to hit.

He lights the torch and swings his wooden sword. A couple of hits and the viper is dead.

With his left hand empty he pulls his ring and tries to reveal it. Now he knows what it is! It’s a Vulcan Ring.

But to use it he needs to a activate it by incanting the right word. He incants a few words and finally gets it right. (IN [word]) With a sound the ring transforms into a Fire Ring. He thinks it’s best to get some better weapons before climbing down the hole. (C D) He moves around and hears a blob. It’s close. He strafes out into a corridor. (“Turn Left” then “Move Right”) No blob there. It was behind him! It attacks and hits. The heartbeat races and the hero desperately tries to move away but after only one step the heartbeat gets to fast and he loses consciousness. Everything goes black. He can hear the blob closing in. The heartbeat slows again and he slowly regains consciousness and vision. But the blob is ready and hits him again. The last thing he sees is the blob fading from vision. "I should have used the Fire Ring... aaaaaah... *gone*"

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