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Fortress Tinearths – 1062 Summer

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Early Summer.

Finally the second floodgate is ready and linked up. The lever is pulled and the room is flooded.

The lever is pulled once again and the room is drained of water and now the cave floor is muddy. The Farmer begins to make a farm plot, while the miners are mining a stockpile room close by for the seeds and later the plants.

The Farmer moves all stones away from the farm plot and when it’s ready it's time to select what crop to grow in each season. As the fortress only have Plump Helmet Spawn that’s the choice.

In the newly mined store room close by a food stockpile is designated and custom made so as to only accept seeds and plants. If the other food stockpile in the Upper Main Hall is changed not to accept seeds the dwarves will soon begin to transport the seeds to the new stockpile.

The cave river is overflowing but doors protect the corridor from getting flooded. Everybody goes to sleep in the beds, except the Trapper who sleeps outside. The Trapper has just gone to sleep when she awakes by the flapping of wings. She looks up and sees three Harpies that are swooping down at her. She looks at them in terror and thinks "My god, they look just like brown h:s! Aaaaah!!!" and then she runs for the fortress gates. They almost catch up with her but a dog interferes and attacks the closest Harpy.

The dog is killed and the trapper is almost at the doors when she decides to flee south instead of into the fortress. (This is fixed in the latest version with the global order “Dwarves stay inside”) To take control of her movements she is recruited to become a soldier but it’s to late. The Harpies are too close and she attacks a Harpy in a martial trance. She seems to be out of bolts for the crossbow because she uses it in close combat. The other dwarves are sleeping inside and can’t be awaken. The Harpy and Kel collide and both get stunned. The other two Harpies jump her and she dies a horrible death.

The fortress’s entrance doors are now locked. The Harpies proceed to strike down a dog and a mule outside. One of the Harpies gets seriously wounded in the fight with the dog. Another mule comes by and is attacked but manages to kick the Harpy, slightly wounding it, and gets away. Now the dwarves are trapped inside and all food and seed is stored in a stockpile outside. As soon as the dwarves wake up a squad is formed with the two Miners wielding picks and the Carpenter wielding his axe. The squad leader is one of the Miners but the Carpenter, who is an Axedwarf refuses to serve under a Miner and takes the position as squad leader.

The lightly wounded Harpy recovers quickly and kills a horse. The squad goes to the cave river to drink before going to battle. They gather inside the doors while the Harpies kill another mule. One of the Harpies is out flying somewhere else so now is the time to attack.

They rush out the door and one Harpy flees at the sight of the Axedwarf swinging his axe. The seriously wounded Harpy is lying unconscious on one of the wagons and the Axedwarf hits it hard and sends it flying through the air. When it lands it is dead.

The two Miners catch up with the fleeing Harpy and send it to death with their picks. The third Harpy, now known as Aståsbobrur or Roguemother is on the other side of the river. It is the one that killed Kel. The squad is sent after her. They kill her after a short battle and Kogan is lightly wounded in the lower body and right upper arm. The squad gets disbanded and the dwarves continue their work.

It is a sad day for the dwarves. Ilral the Mason builds a stone coffin in silence. The coffin is placed in the Upper Meeting Hall and Kel is buried. She was a very good hunter. Fikod the Carpenter is made hunter by activating his hunting job and deactivating his woodcutting and carpentry jobs.

The Plump Helmet Spawn is now delivered to the seed stockpile and the Farmer begins to sow. After building a craftsdwarf’s workshop Ilral begins making dark stone short swords from obsidian, then she is going to make stone crafts to trade with the autumn caravan. The short swords use up one obsidian stone and one wood but it’s worth it arming all the dwarves. The fortress is now out of liquor and there’s only 30 meats left. Fikod the Carpenter is hunting with his axe. Maybe someone should use old Kel’s crossbow to hunt also. Nil the second Miner is set to hunt with crossbow and leather and she collects Kel’s old trapper gear.

The dwarves are busy moving every foodstuff but fat and raw fish inside. Three more Harpies are seen on the map. They seem to keep far south. There are no empty bins to store the new short swords so the Carpenter’s hunting job is cancelled and his carpentry job activated and three wooden bins are ordered from the carpenter’s workshop. Without bins the stockpiles get full and cluttered very fast.

A Metal Smith arrives hauling an anvil. Her name is Tosid and she is a novice Armor Smith, Metal Crafter and Furnace Operator. A group of warthogs get to close and she drops the anvil and runs to the fortress. Nil the Miner, now working as a Trapper with a crossbow, is drafted as a one-man squad and sent to scare the warthogs off. Nil isn’t happy with being drafted a second time this summer. She is marked as unhappy and this can lead to dangerous situations if it gets worse. By checking her info it’s also learned that she’s complaining about not having a well and the lack of chairs.

Kogan fetches the anvil and Nil is made civilian again. Rock blocks and a wooden bucket is needed to build the well. There’s also need to make wooden or bone bolts for Nil the new Trapper. She has only got one iron bolt in her quiver. Everybody goes to sleep inside except Nil who sleeps outside in the rain, unhappy, and the new Metal Smith who seems very active is up late working. After some thinking Kogan makes her the new Trapper instead and Nil a miner again, maybe she gets happier. All the crew is complaining about the lack of chairs. The Mason has to cut some rock thrones and tables that are placed in the Upper Main Hall. The now empty wagons are dismantled giving three logs each. Everybody helps with the first harvest when they have the time.

Two Ogres comes walking on the other side of the river. All dwarves outside form a squad and get ordered inside. (With new version use global order “Dwarves stay inside” instead) Edëm the Fisherdwarf is too close to one of the Ogres, and as a newly drafted recruit he attacks it unarmed. They begin to wrestle and the dwarf is no match for the Ogre. Edëm dies without even making a scratch on the Ogre.

All dwarves are inside, entrance doors locked. The Ogres continue north and leaves the map leaving a muddy trail. Doors are unlocked and all logs are carried inside for obvious reasons. With two crewmembers dead already it’s time to move everything inside the safety of the fortress and place traps at the entrance. Ilral cuts one more stone coffin.

Nil is throwing a tantrum. Dwarves throwing tantrums aren’t just a little angry; they are close to getting crazy. This can end up in very bad things and is one of the greatest dangers for a small group of isolated dwarves. Nil walks to the raw fish stockpile outside, lifts a barrel with 15 turtle meats and throws it at least 15 yards away.

Kogan is close by and shouts:

“Every hand, haul the raw turtle inside, including the barrel thrown by mighty Nil himself!”

Nil focuses his angry eyes on Kogan, and considers throwing the dwarf into the river. “You like to take a swim oh almighty Kogan the fortress builder?” Nil hisses through his teeth.

“Nobody tosses a dwarf! Not even another dwarf, you well know that Nil!” Kogan answers and squeezes the shaft of his pick harder.

A cold wind blows in Nil’s face, foreboding the coming of autumn. Nil thinks about the seriousness of the situation, with both Trapper and Fisher dead, and calms down.

“So what are the remaining six of Akrulber's crew to do without both hunter and fisher? Making me hunter! Hmpf, you know I cannot hit with a crossbow. I am a miner. I like MINING! DEEP!”

“Aye, that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to mine! A mighty cave beside the cave river. Forget plans and designs, just mine a mighty natural cave.”

“And what good does that, beside keeping me quiet?” Nil asks.

“When the cave is flooded it will turn into a muddy mess. In this mud there’s going to grow things, maybe even trees. We are going to make an underground forest so big not even elves would believe it to be true. Here we are going to harvest both logs and plant and we will only have to go outside to test our new swords on Ogres now and then.”

“Hmm, great plan! Maybe we can find some Aquamarine gems or some amber; you know how much I like those. Let’s get to work!”

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