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Fortress Tinearths – 1062 Autumn

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Early Autumn
The cave river is overflowing but there’s no damage. There are only one cat and one horse left. The carpenter builds a wooden cage to keep the horse inside. No one asks questions, everybody know why.


A dwarven caravan has arrived. It is composed of one Merchant, two Axedwarves and two pack mules. A trade depot has to be built so that the Merchant can unload his goods. Instead of building the trade depot the Mason takes a long brake and then goes to bed. The Metal Smith gets the architect job instead. When the trade depot is ready the awaiting Merchant unloads the wares and the crew haul all bins with finished goods at the trade depot. The Merchant offers a barrel of cow’s milk and 10 units of dwarven cheese and some leather.

When everything is unloaded the trading begins. Ilral the Mason never had time to cut any stone arts so Kogan tries to offer some animal fat and used clothes, but the merchant isn’t interested. Kogan then tries to trade with the obsidian swords.

It was tough business. First he traded two obsidian short swords for the cow’s milk barrel. Then he traded the last obsidian short sword and dead Kel’s silk clothes for 10 dwarven cheese. But he managed to keep Kel’s old full leather armor anyway. The caravan loads all wares and leaves.

Checking the stores it is noticed that the barrel of Cow’s milk only was worth one unit! Tinshit, the stores don’t look too good!

Now everyone have to work hard before the winter to gather food. The Carpenter and Metal Smith are made hunters, giving the carpenter the leather armor because he is hunting with an axe. Kogan is fishing. Nil has calmed down after throwing a mule to the ground, but she is given easy service. She gets cratfsworking and builds one more craftdwarf’s workshop to make bone bolts. Ilral makes new obsidian short swords. A foal has been born.

Late Autumn
All seeds are planted. Tun the Famer gets the brewing order and builds a still. Fikod the new Axe Hunter is badly mauled during some hunting accident. He misses most of his limbs. No one saw what happened and Fikod is unconscious. Probably he got to close to a stampeding flock of hippos. Tosid the other hunter carries the carpenter inside to a bed. Tosid has been luckier as a hunter, earlier she was butchering a gazelle. She is now a Dabbling Ambusher and a Novice Marksdwarf.

1:st Moonstone. Early Winter
It is now winter and the farm plot dries up. It is time to brew some liquor. Kogan tries his best at cleaning fish but isn’t fast enough and some raw fish in the fishery rot. The farmer has to brew wine in a cloud of miasma. In only a few days there are 20 units of dwarven wine made. Tosid brings in one more gazelle. A dwarf is hauling the horse and foal to a wooden cage to keep them safe inside the fortress.

Finally, at the end of Moonstone Kogan is done with the most pressing business. Edëm is finally buried in a coffin. Kogan and Tosid the Metal Smith sit down at the newly cut stone tables to feast at some turtle.

“This some nice stone thrones to rest a tired hunter’s backside upon you have made.” Tosid says.

“Aye, me thought them tables a little too crowded lately and cut some more thrones. Not that we will be needin many with this bad luck of ours.” Kogan answers.

“Don’t be talking such nonsense, bad things are about to happen at a place this sinister. Let us enjoy the turtle in this nice dining room of ours instead.” Tosid says and smiles.

“Aye, you are right me friend. And look at the nice beds Fikod has made.” Kogan says and nods toward Fikod’s broken and unconscious body lying on one of the beds. Kogan’s eyes glister in the dimly lit cavern. “I shouldn’t have ordered him to hunt with an axe…” Kogan’s voice trails off.

“You have to think about all the gold we will rob this haunted place of. The ores with which we will forge the strongest of armor and sharpest of weapons. Fortress Akrulber will be sung about in distant lands in a future to come. Kogan, you have to lighten up, soon Tun will bring the newly brewed wine, I suggest you drink a whole barrel.” Tosid makes a turtle shell spin on the table and rises to get some turtle bone bolts from the ammo stockpile. Without a word she heads out into the rainy afternoon to make one last hunting pass before nightfall.

Kogan picks up his logbook, not even touched since they arrived at The Tower of Rooters. Sucking on his pen, wondering where to start, someone is coming down the corridor from the cave river. It is Tun bringing a barrel of newly brewed dwarven wine. After dropping the barrel at the food stockpile she brings some gazelle meat to the injured Fikod who is lying on his bed thirsty and starved. She then brings a bucket stored close by to fetch him some water. With a nod she goes to bed and snores within a minute. Kogan fetches a big tankard of wine and begins to pen down the happenings of the expeditions first miserable half year.

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