Friday, December 8, 2006

Dwarf Fortress

World map: Yes
Permadeath: Yes
Races: 3
Classes: Skill based
Religion: No
Spellcasting: No
Persistent dungeons: Yes
Played Version: 22.110.23b
Latest version: Bay 12 Games
Graphics: ASCII
Mouse: No
Sound: Has a larger download with acoustic guitar music
Resource: Dwarf Fortress Wiki, Bay 12 Games Forum

Dwarf Fortress is still in Beta but already has a long list of impressive features. You start the game by generating a large random game world (or use a premade world). You then choose one of many different locations to site your first dwarf fortress. If your first team fails (there are many dangers; starvation, wild animals, roaming monsters, madness, sieges and so on) you can make a new team and retake the old fortress or begin a new one. This part of the game is a real-time management game with lots of RPG-flavor. The other part is a roguelike where you take control of an adventurer, a dwarf, elf or human to explore the world. Everything you have done earlier, your fortresses and other adventurers, are part of the ever updating world. If you are close by you can inspect one of your old fortresses and look for that masterfully crafted gold crown inlaid with gems and jewelry stored in the treasure chamber deep down in the fortress. Well, assuming you are powerful enough to kill whatever destroyed your fortress in the first place, and if you just could remember where you placed those deadly traps...^^^

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