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Fortress Tinearths – Year 1065

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1065 Early Spring
With a hostile outside environment we decided to move the butchery and tannery inside. A Fisherdwarf gets a strange mood. She is possessed and claims a mason’s workshop. She collects two limestones and some logs and is getting some bones but they disappear because of the new year. (Refuse gets deleted to reduce clutter) She goes back to the workshop and waits for the bones. No one knows what kind of bones she wants. She is just repeating: “bones… yes… leather… skin… “ over and over again, being possessed.

To get some bones and some needed meat Äs is made Trapper again. He becomes very unhappy when he is once again relieved from duty. But he is the only skilled Marksdwarf and we need some bones. He picks up ONE iron bolt and goes to hunt. He wounds a Gazelle with his only bolt and then kills it with the crossbow. He gets into a short brawl with some other Gazelles and gets a slight wound to his upper body. He returns the kill and then picks up ONE iron bolt from a barrel when there’s 20 iron bolts grouped in another barrel. (Tried to move the single iron bolts to a new barrel but they are still separated)

The Fisherdwarf finally finds some Frogman bones, I don’t know from where. She then gets some Gazelle leather and then begins a mysterious construction. She constructs a Limestone Bed with an image in willow of an Ogre striking down a dwarf. The object menaces with spikes of Frogman bones. I made Äs Marksdwarf again.

All Carpenters help with planting seeds. We are also trying to gather lots of plants this year to get more seeds.

We are detailing the floor in the Upper Main Hall and making a great dining hall. We are also building a trade depot outside with a stone floor all around.

6:th Felsite Late Spring
Today Ilral excitedly told me that some immigrants had arrived. There were some nobles among them. I went out to greet them. The first one to reach me was an agile female dwarf wearing chain mail armor and holding an iron shield and a battle-axe.

“Greetings, I am Tirist Tholkol, the Sheriff. I am sent to enforce dwarven law here in Tinearths.” She said with a commanding voice.

“Greetings to you Sheriff. Anything particular I can help you with?” I asked.

“Yes, I demand that you arrange a prison suited to hold at least six prisoners. Then I would like a modest office, quarters, dining room and a chest, cabinet, weapon rack and armor stand.” She answered.

“Of course, I will see to it.” I answered and met the gaze from the next noble. She was clad in Cave Crocodile leather trousers and a silk tunic.

“Hello, I am Libash Emmörul, Manager. I am ordered to help you with organizing work in the fortress. If you want something produced just tell me the quantity and I will arrange the production. You can also tell me how skilled a worker should be in each of your workshops. I demand the same things as the Sheriff.”

“Certainly.” I said and looked at the third noble. He looked ordinary and was wearing silk clothes.

“Hi there... Vabôk, Broker. I’ll help ya ta keep track of ya import/export ratio an da value of all da goods. Jus show me some place to set up ma office, some place to crash and eat an the same furniture as the others twos and I’ll be happy as happy can be. Ya have any beer?”

19 migrants and 1 cat and 2 mules also arrived making a total population of 59 dwarves. After doing some calculations I ordered 6 small rooms and 3 noble quarters built. We also need 15 new beds, 3 cabinets, 3 chests, 3 armor stands, 3 weapon racks and 15 new doors. I told the manager what to produce.

The Broker came by and told me to make two moonstone items. I told the Craftsdwarf and he agreed.

Some of the immigrants were Swordsdwarves and Marksdwarves making a total of 5 Marksdwarves and 6 Swordsdwarves deployed in two squads. No new Trapper arrived though. I told Sigun, a competent Marksdwarf, to hunt. He didn’t like to be relieved from duty but he went to fetch a water skin. I gave 4 new Peasants the farming(field) job. We are mining a new and larger barracks.

Early Summer
A Carpenter gave birth to a child. The cave river is overflowing and I locked the doors to the cave bridge. No one was hurt. The Broker is now satisfied with his meager 2x1 rooms. Two farm plots are now fully sowed all the time.

A Kobold Thief tried to enter the fortress but got shot down by a Marksdwarf. The Manager and Sheriff are happy with their 2x3 rooms except their quarters. They think they’re meager and they want modest quarters. I tried to give one of them a better quality bed but that wasn’t enough. We are making some dark and light stone cabinets, the Manager likes marble and the Sheriff likes obsidian. We could detail the floors and walls in their quarters but that takes a lot of time.

One Ogre comes very close to the fortress. I am dispatching both squads. One of the Marksdwarves didn’t bring any bolts but the other one shoots turtle bone bolts with little effect. The first Swordsdwarf engage the Ogre but gets stunned. The Ogre hits him again throwing him back with wounds to the upper body and one arm. The Swordsdwarf gets up and knocks down the Ogre with the help from the Marksdwarf without ammo. They kill the Ogre before the other soldiers arrive. A second Ogre comes close but dies in a rain of bolts. The Swordsdwarves engage the third Ogre, and it gets thrown away several yards from a mighty blow and dies.

We are making silk rope in the clothes maker’s workshop for the Sheriff’s prison. These will be used to tie up prisoners with. A lot of the Peasants get promoted to Farmers.

Late Summer
We got some calves. We are mining a small prison in new barracks. A Marksdwarf gave birth to a boy. Sigun became novice ambusher and Trapper. We have no more free barrels to brew with. I am allowing cooking with Plump Helmet although it destroys the seeds. We've got over 200 units of Plump Helmet. I also ordered some new barrels.

Early Autumn
The Sheriff is satisfied with his new Obsidian cabinet and the Manager is satisfied with a +Limestone cabinet+. (+ means finely crafted) The dwarven caravan arrives.

Six Frogmen attack from the cave river. The Swordsdwarf squad leader is sleeping. I gave another Swordsdwarf the command. The Frogmen climb the bridge and try to enter through the doors. Two die from stone-falling traps and one loses consciousness. The Manager is on the bridge and gets attacked by three Frogmen. They throw her down, she gets up, but they throw her down again. She begins grappling with one Frogman and gets injured in her right arm. A Farmer attacks another Frogman and wounds it. A Marksdwarf kills the Frogman lying unconscious underneath a stone-fall trap. The Manager has a hard time fighting two Frogmen but a Farmer helps her. The two Frogmen are almost incapacitated when a third joins in. The Marksdwarves arrive and begin to spray bolts. The Manager breaks loose and runs away. The Farmer continues bravely to fight the Frogman as it gets hit by bolts in its back and dies. The cave river is colored red.

Six more Frogmen attack from the cave river only seconds later. The first Frogman on the bridge gets hit by a bolt and faints. A Swordsdwarf engages the second Frogman. Another Swordsdwarf is about to kill the unconscious Frogman but get jumped by a third. The soldier hacks the Frogman’s both legs off but gets jumped by a fourth. The first Swordsdwarf has now killed his adversary and aids in killing the last Frogmen. No one received any serious wounds except for the Manager who goes to bed to heal. The cave river gets even redder. The Mechanics reload the stone-fall traps.

We find Sigun the Trapper mauled outside. (Hippos?) He lost his right leg.

We are trading stone arts for 5 meat, plump helmet, cow cheese and 6 pieces of leather. With the Broker it is now possible to see the value of items.

A Metalsmith is taken by fey mood but he goes to bed instead of claiming a workshop. It seems we don’t have the right kind of workshop. We are building a few new kinds of workshops but there is nothing he likes. Probably he wants a metalsmith’s forge but we are out of anvils. He is going to be depressed.

Migrants arrive. 11 Dwarves, 3 are children, a mule and a puppy. Total population is now 71 dwarves. A new Trapper tries his luck.

Late Autumn
Making some charcoal and copper and silver bars in the smelter. It is always a good idea to have at least one piece of all materials or products available in case someone gets in the mood to construct an artifact.

Early Winter
The Metalsmith wanting a metalsmith’s forge is stricken by melancholy. He later drowned himself. We killed three Kobold Thieves. They all sneaked past the traps in the Entrance Hall. One managed to get to the goods storeroom but was killed. We now have a lot of Hippo meat, The new Trapper is effective. We are making some more barrels and brewing more wine.

There’s a deep rumbling from the cavern. This is a sign that there will be a cave-in sooner or later. We are searching for possible places and build support pillars.

Late Winter
Three Harpies strikes down a Miner, the Trapper and a puppy. The squads are dispatched. The Harpies strike down a mule just before the first Swordsdwarf gets to them. He gets injured and flees with a Harpy chasing him. The two squads kill them all.

8th Obsidian - Late Winter
An Ogre comes running into camp. He chases a Mason but a dog interferes. The Mason gets away but the dog is incapacitated before a couple of Swordsdwarves gets there and kill the Ogre. The squads get ordered to seek out two more Ogres. Three Swordsdwarves attack.

After recovering from the initial stun they slash at the Ogres, sending one of them away 5-6 yards. They win the fight and no one gets wounded.

Sigun the incapacitated Trapper went berserk in his bed and was killed.

A Hippo is on a rampage. It kills a Farmer out cutting wood. Then it attacks One-Eye and badly mauls her left hand, leaving her unconscious out in the bush, her severed left hand beside her in the grass. The Hippo, now known as “Rendmiles”, runs over to the other side of the river.

One-Eye wakes up for a short moment and looks at her hand lying in the grass. "Well, you can't have two of eveythings." She thinks and loses consciousness again.

The layout of Fortress Tinearths at the end of Year 1065.

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