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Bruno the Human Warrior - Part Two

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Expedition 2
Down in the dungeon again he tries a new scroll and senses the presence of buried treasure in the immediate vicinity. He mines metals for a total worth of 50gp. He goes down a staircase.

DL 2
He feels that "this level can’t be all bad" and decides to explore it some. He kills a Novice Rogue with four bolts and advances to Level 9 (86 Hp). His light begins to flicker so he fuels his lamp. He encounters Grip, Famer Maggot’s other dog. He hits it with a bolt. It howls with pain and flees. Bruno catches up with it and slays it. He then has some trouble with a pack of Cave Spiders (25/86 Hp) and drinks a potion of heroism. He heals some and feels like a hero. After rooting out the Cave Spiders most of the level is explored so he goes down.

DL 3
"What a boring place." He fights a Blubbering Icky Thing and it crawls on him and eats one of the food rations. He eats a food ration. He finds a Mithril Plated Wand. He identifies it with a scroll as a Wand of Magic Missiles with 12 charges. He mines quite a lot of treasure but is disturbed by a lot of invisible creatures so he reads a scroll of detect invisible. Slowly some wormy masses materialize into view. They are Clear Worm Masses that breeds explosively.

He can only see them for one turn so he retreats. He tries a potion hoping to restore his lost strength, but it’s a potion of weakness and he is slowed by the weight of his stuff (-1 Str). He tries another potion and it’s a see invisible. He goes down a staircase.

DL 4
"This level can’t be all bad." He drops his pickaxe weighting 15 lb and is no longer slowed. A Yellow Jelly poisons him but he survives. He finds some arrows but feels that they are cursed and drops them. He fights a Copperhead Snake and is now a Level 10 Warrior (110 Hp). He fights a bunch of Cave Spiders (29/110 Hp) and rests. He fights a Novice Warrior and gets a Chromium Wand. He gets hungry and eats a food ration. He is just about to pick up a pile of copper coins when the pile forms a mouth bites him. He slays it and picks up the scattered copper coins. He tries a white potion and his eyes begin to tingle. He now has infravision. He fights a couple of Large Kobold and they do heavy damage.

He quaffs a potion of heroism. He kills one but he can see more of them in a room at the end of the corridor, both Small and Large (56/110 Hp).

These are the toughest creatures so far. He reads a scroll of Phase Door and ends up in a room just south of the Kobolds. No corridor links up to the Kobold-infested room so Bruno rests. He then moves out and plans to engage the Kobolds with his crossbow. But when he picks the lock of a door and opens it the Kobolds are already there, looking for him.

He quaffs his potion of berserk strength and “feels like a killing machine.” He gets hit while drinking (95/103 Hp). He hits the Large Kobold and spots a third in the corridor while taking a hit himself. The next turn Bruno misses and the Kobold hits (78/103 Hp). He aims his wand of magic missiles at the Kobold and hits, doing about the same damage as with the broadsword. He fights the Kobold with his sword and finally slays it (42/103 Hp). A Small Kobold attacks next. He hits it and it flees but a Large Kobold takes his place. Bruno reads a scroll of Phase door and gets teleported about 10 meters back into the corridor. He wants to use the crossbow but the corridor is pitch black and he can only see two squares in the light from the lantern. He retreats into a lit room. He is only five steps into the room when he spots the first Large Kobold charging after him.

He hits the Kobold with a bolt doing quite good damage. He hits with the second but misses the third and the Kobold engages in close combat, with a second one coming up right behind him (50/103 Hp). He tries the Chronium Wand at the Kobold and hastens it. Damn! It's a wand of hsten monster so he won't be able to speed himself up. The Kobold hits him two times. Bruno reads another Phase Door. He teleports just a few meters inside the same room. He hits the Kobold with a bolt before it reaches him once again. He then shoots magic missiles at the Kobold two times but it still lives. Bruno reads his second last Phase Door. He only teleports a few meters away in the same room. The hasted Kobold catches up with Bruno really quick when he tries to flee out into the corridor (16/103 Hp). Bruno reads his last Phase door but only teleports a couple of meters and is slain when trying to flee.

Lessons learned: Large Kobolds are dangerous. The scroll of Phase Door don’t teleport you very far.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Bruno the Human Warrior - Part One

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Bruno chooses to be Human.

Bruno chooses to be Warrior.

Bruno is a very good fighter and has balanced stats.

The Quest
It is said that once Sauron is slain At Dungeon Level 99 a magical staircase will appear that leads to Dungeon Level 100. Morgoth lurks on this level of his dungeon, with the Mighty Hammer “Grond” in hand. By killing Morgoth, you will receive the status of WINNER.

The Town
Bruno starts in town. Before he goes shopping he checks his inventory.

He wields his sword and wears his chain mail. He passes a Squint Eyed Rogue asleep in the street. A Mangy Looking Leper begs him for money. A Boil-covered Wretch drools on him. He passes the Magic Shop and goes to the armoury.

He checks the store.

He buys a pair of hard leather boots for 15 gp and a hard leather cap 14 gp (10% off). He tries to bargain but the shopkeeper doesn’t agree (auto-haggle). He wears all armor (AC: 20). He still has 159gp to spend. He goes to the General Store.

He buys a Pick for 103 gold (25% off), a Brass Lantern (10% off) and a Cloak leaving him with 8 gold. He gets too close to the Rogue who wakes up and attacks (14/19 Hp).

Bruno chases the Rogue and cuts him down. The Rogue drops a Viscous Pink Potion. The Wretch and Leper follow him around.

Expedition 1
He enters the dungeon and lights his Brass Lantern.

He has a feeling of this level: “It looks like any other level.” He enters a big room with five exits. He spots some magma veins in the dungeon wall and moves closer to inspect. A Fruit Bat, a fast moving pest, attacks him, but he hits it with his Broad Sword and it flees in terror.

He equips the Pick and begins to tunnel into one of the veins. It takes 11 turns to hack out one square (with the repeat action key). He finds nothing of value but the vein continues into the rock so he continues to tunnel. He tunnels through the wall and ends up in a corridor. He continues to tunnel. He finds a quartz vein and it takes double the amount of time to mine it but he finds nothing. Finally he spots a vein containing some kind of treasure. He mines it. The find is worth 29 gold.

The Fruit Bat attacks again and he wields his Broadsword and kills it with one cut. He decides to explore the dungeon instead of mining. A pile of rubble blocks a corridor and he digs it out with his pick. A Large White Snake lies asleep on the floor behind the rubble. Bruno walks closer without waking the Snake and then attacks.

It flees in terror but Bruno finishes it off (2 Experience Points). He enters a large room with two exits. He tries one and finds a closed door. He opens it and is immediately attacked by a Rock Lizard. Both misses but then Bruno hits killing it.

A locked door stops him and he isn’t able to pick the lock. He tries to bash it down and smashes into it. He gets paralysed for a while but the door still remains locked. He tries a few more times but then gives up. He kills another Fruit Bat. He kills a pack of five Jackals and advances to Level 2 (25 Hp). He finds a Sling and a broken Bone. In another room he spots a Giant Yellow Centipede and kills it before it wakes up. In the next room a sleeping Soldier Ant wakes up and attacks but Bruno slays it. He finds a Violet Speckled Potion and a Filthy Rag. He kills another pack of Jackals and finds a stairway down in a room with pillars. He leaves the stairway for now.

He mines a magma vein with copper worth 14 gold. He then spots a sleeping Floating Eye and avoids it. It wakes up but doesn’t attack. When he is about to leave the room his path is blocked by yet another Floating Eye. He takes another way around. He feels that the Filthy Rag in his pocket is cursed so he drops it. He finds a flask of oil for his lantern.

He walks into something invisible and manages to kill it. A Fruit Bat gives Bruno a graze and he bleeds for a couple of turns. He rests until he has restored his health (with the Rest command). He slays a Large Brown Snake and a Small Kobold and advances to Level 3 (28 Hp).

Something invisible touches Bruno. He tries to avoid it and bashes open a locked door. He moves into a corridor and falls into a spiked pit (21/28 Hp). In a room he finds a cloak, a shard of pottery and a broken dagger. He bashes open another door after many tries. A Small Kobold waits inside but gets wounded from a slash of Bruno’s broadsword and flees. Bruno sees a scroll on the floor.

He corners the Small Kobold and slays it, finding a Brown Potion. Something invisible touches him again. He cuts into the air and hits it and it disappears. He picks up the scroll labelled: “ypnin thercre”. He enters another corridor and steps on a gas trap and gets poisoned. It wears off after a while (13/28 Hp). He enters a lit room so he turns off the lantern before he rests to full health. The first dungeon level explored he takes a stairway down.

Dungeon Level 2
He has the feeling: “What a boring place.” But Bruno doesn’t think it looks that boring. He spots a Salamander and a whole bunch of sleeping Cave Spiders, all sleeping. He moves in the other direction without waking them up.

He hears a door burst open somewhere in the dungeon. He finds a robe and 27 gold in a room. Fang, Farmer Maggot’s Dog, suddenly attacks him.

It has two attacks but Bruno kills it with four direct hits (16/28 Hp) and is now a Level 4 Warrior (37 Hp). He rests. He gets hungry and eats a food ration. A Novice Rogue attacks but flees when Bruno gives him a couple of cuts. Bruno chases him through a corridor and hits him in the back a couple of times. The Rogue recovers his courage and turns to fight. Bruno slays him and finds 42gp (25/37 Hp). He sneaks upon a sleeping Giant White Centipede and a White Snake and slays them. He finds another scroll labelled “ypnin thercre” and reads it and gets blessed. The blessing expires quickly. He mines 17gp and 23gp worth of silver.

He slays a Novice Rogue with a great hit and then a Blubbering Icky Thing. It left a Slime Mold. He picks a locked door and advances to Level 5 (45 Hp). He has a tough fight with a Yellow Mold and rests.

To continue his exploration he now has to clear the room with the Cave Spiders. One by one they wake up and attack. He kills over half of them when the Salamander attacks (28/46 Hp). He kills them all and advances to Level 6 (62 Hp) and rests. He then kills a White Harpy and finds a potion. He now has six unidentified potions. He picks up a set of leather gloves. A Novice Warrior and a Novice Mage attack him. He slays both and finds yet another set of gloves. He feels that a robe in his pack is cursed and drops it. He feels that a cloak in his pack is good so he puts it on. It seems to be an ordinary cloak though.

He fights a Giant Green Frog big as a wolf. It dies after two cuts. He then falls into a spiked pit, is impaled and gets a light cut. It becomes a graze and then clots. The level explored he decides to return to town.

He goes up to dungeon level 1 and it’s a totally new dungeon (non-persistent dungeons). It is Morgoth that generates new confusing dungeon levels. He feels that "this is a boring place". He tries to find some stairs up to town. He finds some stuff and has to drop some bones he was dragging around. An invisible thing stalks him but he manages to kill it. He kills a lot of Jackals and is now a Level 7 Warrior (64 Hp). He drops an average robe and eats. One set of gloves is cursed. He wears the other set (AC: 22). He walks into a trap and is surrounded by a strange white mist. He watches paralysed as a Soldier Ant attacks. The Ant hits eight times before Bruno can kill it (51/64 Hp). He steps at a trap and a small dart hits him He feels very weak (Str -1). His light is growing faint. He refills the lantern with a flask of oil. He can’t find a staircase leading up and has to go down to Dungeon Level 2 again.

He has a feeling "that this level can’t be all bad." He tries out a couple of scrolls. One lights the room and another one is identify. He identifies a potion he has three flasks of and they are potions of blindness. He reads a third scroll and becomes blind for a short while. He then becomes hungry and eats his last food ration. He picks up 27 iron spikes and becomes slowed because of the weight. He drops them again before slaying a Novice Warrior. By mistake he lets a pack of Cave Spiders gang up on him and notices that they are dangerous. They are really fast and he barely is able to retreat to a corridor to fight them one on one.

He kills a Novice Rogue and finds a food ration (he is getting low on food). He is now a Level 9 Warrior (80 Hp). A Novice Magician blinks in and blinds Bruno with a spell of blindness, and then disappears. Bruno recovers his sight and fights some Green Worm Mass that breeds explosively but he manages to exterminate them all. Finding mostly potions he decides to return to town and goes up to Dungeon Level 1 again.

He walks into a trap and monsters spawn around him, a Yellow Worm Mass, a Black Naga and a White Jelly. He kills the Naga with a couple of blows but gets poisoned by the White Jelly. He wins the fight though. He tries a potion and it’s salt water. He vomits and becomes hungry and weak. He eats the slime mold and is now out of food. He tries another potion and it’s slime mold juice. Finally he finds a staircase leading up to town.

He goes to the temple to restore his strength but can’t find any cure. Farmer Maggot follows him around and asks if he has seen his dogs. Bruno doesn’t answer. He tries his other potions. He is paralysed for a while by a potion of sleep. He drinks a brown potion but nothing happens. He then resists cold for a while. Another one is water and yet another one is Apple juice. The last two potions make him faster and then slower.

He goes to the Alchemy Shop and buys four scrolls of phase door for 80gp and two scrolls of identify for 142gp and one scroll of detect invisible for 20gp. At the General Store he buys five food rations and five strips of beef jerky and 20 bolts. He then buys a light crossbow at the Weapon Smith. He goes to his home and drops some stuff. He is carrying 96.9 lb and the threshold is 102 lb before he is slowed down. The pickaxe and crossbow are quite heavy, and all the food. He goes down again eager to try out his new crossbow.

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World map: Town
Permadeath: Yes
Races: 10
Classes: 6
Religion: No
Spellcasting: Advanced
Persistent dungeons: No
Version: AngbandTK 2.9.2r2
Latest version: Thangorodrim
Graphics: Tiles or ASCII
Mouse: Yes
Sound: Yes
Resource: Thangorodrim

From Wikipedia:
is a dungeon-crawling roguelike computer game derived from Umoria (a C port of a game called Moria). It is based on the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, in which Angband was the fortress of Morgoth. The current version of Angband is 3.0.6, and is available for all major operating systems (including Unix, Windows, the Macintosh, and DOS).

The game revolves around the exploring of a 100-level dungeon, in which the player seeks to amass enough power and equipment to ultimately defeat Morgoth. A new level is randomly generated each time the player changes levels, which gives Angband great replay value: no two games will be the same.

Angband is notable for spawning many derivatives. A family tree of around sixty (around a dozen of which are active) variants of Angband exist, each often greatly differing in purpose and depth of changes. The best known variants are OAngband, ToME (formerly PernAngband) and ZAngband.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jagged Campaign Part 5

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

21:05 Day 3 Drassen Airport Attack
We entered from the south and immediately spotted two guards.

We crawled a little closer and just when we were about to attack they noticed us. Bursts from Ice and me and a shot from Nails took them down, but Nails got hit (56/72 Hp). There were no more attacks so Nails, Ice and I crawled stealthily over the road to the fence surrounding the airport. We could hear sounds from the east and northeast, somebody was moving close by. Fox with the Colt .45 in her left hand, and Ira came crouching when the coast was clear. Nails opened a hole in the fence with the wire cutters and we sneaked into the compound.

We crawled up against the wall behind the nearest house in the row. We saw a guard in front of the house but he didn’t look our way. He then disappeared from view. I was just about to peek around the corner when he came around the same corner. I got him in the head with two bullets and he died. We all prepared for a counter-attack. Nails was just about to sneak behind a tree when he noticed a second guard just around the other corner.

Nails turned around and ran back behind the house and dropped to the ground. The guard followed and hit Nails (40/72 Hp). Nails returned the fire critically wounding the guard (-40). Ice popped around the corner and snapped a round into the guard that was only a meter away. His chest exploded in a cloud of blood and he was thrown several meters back.

Fox bandaged Nail's wound for the second time around. Ice didn’t hear anything so he tried to crawl around the corner to get a better line of sight, but only a meter away was another guard. The guard hit Ice with three bullets (51/90 Hp). Ice turned around and hit the guard in the face. The guard spun around 180 degrees and then fell flat to the ground. Ice gave him a killing bullet. Ice was now badly hurt and low on energy. Fox moved up to him and began to give first aid.

Fox and I began sneaking around the houses but didn’t spot anyone except for some scared civilians. We moved towards a hangar and a small plane. The others began moving towards the gate and Ice got fired upon. He couldn’t see anyone in the darkness, but I had spotted his attacker and was in his right flank. I fired four snap shots but missed all. Fox ran up to me and dropped beside me.

The guard ran towards Ice and disappeared from view. Ice’s team ran into the closest house and hid behind the windows. Suddenly there was a gunshot from the darkness, the window where Nails crouched shattered and he was hit in the head (7/72 Hp and lost 4 points of Wisdom). He fell headlong and dropped his shotgun. Fox and I spotted the guard (interrupt) prone on the road. He was no rookie. That was a long distance shot to the head in the darkness.

I fired a burst and hit him in the side with two rounds and he died. “Yeah! This is an enemy free zone.” (everybody wounded get bandaged automatically after each battle)

We walked around and checked the place. We found two clips of 5.56 ammo for the MP53 SMG and a 10 round 7.62 WP clip. We also found a can of gas. We met Pablo, the guy managing the cargo stores at the airport. He was a rude dude. Ice said: “That dipshit is full of it.” When we reached the helicopter Skyrider came forth and told us he was glad to be back in business. He could now transport us around Arulco. He also told us about a SAM-site to the east that we should take out.

The time was now 21:38 in the evening. I began to train militia and the others played doctors and patients.

Day 4
Fox went to sleep at 07:00 in the morning, Ira at 08:00 and I crashed at 11:00. Before I got to bed I checked the finances. Drassen was now 97% loyal to our cause, raising our income to $7360 a day. That meant that I could afford some more mercs. I checked my daily costs.

With a daily cost of $3284 and a daily income of $7360 I had $4076 extra each day to play with. But I only had four more days of income ($29440 income + $6406 cash = $35846) before my contracts ran out and then I needed about $23000 to rehire all three again. That leaved $12846 to spend in those four days. I had just got a slightly higher income this morning and could exactly afford Lynx. For one day he charged $8050 with equipment and medical deposit and is arriving in Omerta at 19:00 this evening.

Later that day Ice was fully restored and began training his strength. Ira helped me with the militia. At 19:00 Lynx arrived and walked east to the rebel HQ. I had told him that he should check with Miguel if the food and supplies had arrived. Everything was fine and Miguel offered Dimitri to help us. He was good at throwing knives and a good mechanic.

They began the long walk to Drassen. Ira and I had trained the first squad of militias and began to train another.

Day 5
At 02:00 in the night Lynx and Dimitri arrived at the airport. At 04:00 Nails had fully recovered. Ira got better at teaching. I fell asleep at 07:00 in the morning and Lynx took over the training (Leadership: 39). At 10:00 the second squad of militia was formed. We distributed all militia evenly among the three sectors of Drassen.

We slept to 16:00 and then we prepared to move out. Lynx 24 hours had gone by and I paid him another $2850. “Okay. I’ll stick around.” The mine income had increased with $100 a day because of even higher loyalty (99%) now when the town had a bigger militia.

To be continued...

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Crawler VI the Spriggan Transmuter

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Crawler VI was a small magical creature distantly related to elves. He was trained as a Transmuter specialised in transmigrations. He knew one spell that was able to extract poison from corpses. When he entered the dungeon a Giant Rat and a Goblin immediately attacked him. He had a rod of striking and killed the Rat with a force bolt. He then injured the Goblin with another force bolt but when he again tried to use the power of the rod his brain hurt and he got confused.

When he restored from the confusion he noticed that he hardly did any damage to the Goblin with the rod so he decided to flee. He was very fast and ran away from the Goblin. Another Goblin came running at him from a corridor to the right so he turned left. A Giant Bat started chasing him and it was as fast as Crawler VI. Another Giant Bat and finally a third chased him through the corridors. No matter what he did they slowly ate him alive.

Lessons learned: Spriggans are no good Transmuters.

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Jagged Campaign Part 4

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Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

21:10 Day 2 Drassen Attack

Ice, Ira and I came in from the south and immediately spotted a soldier in the closest house. We tried to crawl up against the wall but a soldier looked out a window and spotted us. Ice took him out with a burst.

I ran to take cover against the wall but spotted a bad guy by the trees to the right of the house and retreated. Before Ice had time to move another soldier showed up in the window and shot Ice (-14) and then crouched. Ice could only see his head and fired a snap shot at his head. He hit and the soldier dropped to the floor. I left Ira to cover the dude by the trees and moved towards the window. I heard faint sounds from north and northwest inside the building.

Ira took some fire from two positions by the trees but couldn’t see the soldiers. She got hit (-19). A soldier came into view behind the window and Ice hit him in the head critically wounding him. I crouched in front of the window and finished him with a snap shot. Ira ran from her vulnerable position, opened the door and entered the house. I covered Ice while he too ran into the house. I got up, and was about to run into the house when a bullet from the trees hit me in the leg and I collapsed (-6). Two more rounds whizzed over my head before I could get up, run inside and slam the door. I covered the south side while Ice covered the north and Ira applied first aid. A dude ran into sight and I nailed him with a burst.

A second dude made the same mistake and I dropped him too. Everything got quiet. We found a second Glock 17 for Fox. We then sneaked outside and checked the trees. We found another Glock 17 and some ammo. We sneaked to the north side of the road and checked two houses there through the windows but there were only scared civilians. We looked around a large area but found no enemies. Suddenly we heard a sound in the darkness of some brush. We sneaked around trying to locate the source of the sound. Ice saw him first and hit him with 4-5 rounds. He was the last one and he dropped a shotgun.

The time was now 21:28. We began looking around. Ira had some info:

The civilians told us that there’s a guy called Perko in Cambria that can repair almost anything, and that San Mona is a bad place full of sinners. There’s also someone called Doreen in this town that they want to get rid off. I checked out a house and the civilian said that we shouldn’t underestimate the queen. I opened the fridge and took a beer, then I used the bathroom and found a key in a closet. It was a shiny key, fitting a more than ordinary lock. I took it.

There was a bombed out airstrip and a helicopter wreck, nothing of interest, but there was a big building with some crates outside. We found a t-shirt with the text: “Diedranna Rules”. We entered the building and it was full of children working late. I talked to Doreen, the manager, and she was so full BS.

I was direct to her and she agreed that the factory maybe wasn’t a good idea and left. The children were happy. I washed my face at a sink and found a first aid kit in the closet. There was a locked room in the back and as Nails wasn’t there with his lock picks I tried my key. It worked! I found a couple of lockers containing Jackpot! Three 9mm SMG AP clips (armor-piercing), $450, a syringe filled with energy booster and some duct tape. I transferred the money to my account. I ordered the others over to our sector and Ira and Fox began to treat our wounds. Nails was tired as usual and slept.

I was totally patched up at 02:00 in the night but not tired at all (because patients get rest). I began training some militia. The cost was $750 as usual and I checked my account on the laptop. We already had some income from the mine.

Fox and Nails got out of bed early at 05:00 and began their work. Ice was fully restored at 06:00 in the morning and helped me training the militia. Some of us got better at what we do (Dylan Leadership +1, Nails Mechanics +1).

At 09:00 I got email. One was from IMP reporting on my personal file. They called me Einstein because of my score of 80 in Wisdom. Well, that’s why I learn so fast. I knew most of the other stuff but one paragraph had me a bit troubled. Like I couldn’t throw a grenade, huh?

The second email was from M.E.R.C (More Economic Recruiting Center). It was a new site offering budget mercs.

Their selling points were no money upfront, cheap prices and streaming video. I checked their files and it had mostly hillbillies and outlaws on offer. There was a mechanic though but I couldn’t afford him right now. With a daily income of $3000 I could barely afford Nails and Ice in the long run.

Ira was fully restored at 08:00 and Fox began to train her medical skill. I got a note that Omerta had received food from Father Walker. At 13:00 a squad of militia was formed. We trained some, Nails and I trained Agility to become stealthier. We trained until 21:00 and then we prepared to move out.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Rogge the Draconian Reaver

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Play style: Random character, everything default.

Text in red is game mechanics.
Text in green is fiction from outside of the game.
Text in quotation marks is in-game text.

Random chooses Draconian.

“Draconians are a race of human-dragon hybrids: humanoid in form and approximately human-sized, with wings, tails and scaly skins. Draconians start out in an immature form with brown scales, but as they grow in power they take on a variety of colours. Some types of draconians have breath weapons. Draconians advance very slowly in level, but are reasonably good at all skills but armour (most types of which they cannot wear) and missile weapons.”

Rogge chooses to be a Reaver.

"Reavers are warriors who learn the magics of destruction in order to complement their deadliness in hand combat."

The Reaver chooses a weapon from short sword, mace, hand axe or spear. He chooses spear.

By looking at the item description it is learned that the spear is better for the dexterous. This is bad news for Rogge who has low dexterity.

From the manual it is learned more about dexterity:

“Affects your accuracy in combat, your general effectiveness with missile weapons, your ability to dodge attacks aimed at you, and your ability to use thiefly skills such as backstabbing and disarming traps.”

Dungeon Level 1
He finds a cloak and wears it over his robe (AC: 4). Rogge is fighting Kobolds and Giant Newts. As a Reaver he already knows the spell Magic Dart that hurls a small bolt of magical energy. First he weakens them with a Magic Dart and then he usually hits with the spear at the first or second try, killing the opponent. Sometimes the attack is a Draconian tail-slap. He advances to level 2 (21 Hp, 2 Mp) and tries to memorize the second level spell Throw Flame but fails. “This spell is somewhat difficult to memorise.”

He reads his scrolls. He smells wet wool? He teleports with the second one. Nothing seems to happen when he reads a third. He then encounters a Hogoblin and miscasts his first Magic Dart. The second hits lightly injuring the Hobgoblin. He retreats a short distance and restores some magic power (1 Mp) and casts another Magic Dart, moderately wounding the Hobgoblin. He then kills the Hobgoblin in close combat (10/21 Hp).

He is very close to advance his spellcasting skill (skill level 2) but although he is casting a lot of spells he seems to learn other skills first. He turns off all skills except Spellcasting and the next time he casts a spell he advances to level 2 in spellcasting. He now tries to memorise the spell Throw Flame and succeeds. “This spell throws a small bolt of flame.”

Level explored, he reads two new scrolls. Nothing happens when he reads the first one and it crumbles to dust. He reads the second one and “feels momentarily disoriented.” His memory of the map layout is muddled. He goes down some stairs.

DL 2
He encounters a Snake and throws a Magic Dart. He miscasts the spell and “sparks fly from his hands!” There’s a long fight with the Snake, it’s difficult to hit and wound. As soon as Rogge recovers some magic power he casts a Magic Dart. Finally the Snake is almost dead and flees (13/21 Hp). Rogge chases the Snake and when it’s cornered it turns to fight. It hits Rogge and he is poisoned (9/21 Hp). He quaffs a red potion and gets fully healed but is still poisoned. He drinks a murky potion and feels better. He is cured from the poison. It was a potion of healing. He views the item description and learns that the potion of healing is a more powerful version of the potion of heal wounds.

He is feeling hungry and eats an orange. It was delicious. He fights a Hobgoblin and miscasts the Throw Flame spell and has to kill it in close combat (11/21 Hp). He learns the dodging skill. He now is a Level 3 Reaver (28 Hp, 4 Mp) and chooses to raise his dexterity (Dex: 7). He rests and then chooses between two spells to memorise.

He chooses “Stone Arrow” and succeeds. “This spell hurls a sharp spine of rock outward from the caster”. He turns off the practice of polearms to save points for spellcasting skills. The weapon skills eat practice points because he uses weapons more often than spell casting.

He reads a scroll and chooses to identify an elven mace, and it’s cursed (+2, -2). He finds one more scroll of ID and identifies a glowing whip of speed (+2, +1). He wields the whip. His hands tingle. It’s a low damage weapon giving one extra attack. He is hungry and eats a bread ration.

He encounters a Snake and kills it with spells. His Conjuration skill increases (level 3). He runs around and checks all stairs leading to DL 1 and notices that two up-stairs can connect to one down stair and that they don’t have to lead to the closest stairway on the other level. It's very confusing. He reads some scrolls. “He senses the presence of curses on his possessions.” “His cloak glows green for a moment.” (+1) “This scroll appears to be blank.” He tries to wield some weapons but can’t identify them further. He wields an unidentified spear. He wears his uncursed robes and finds one that is enchanted (+2) (AC: 7) and drops the rest. He puts on a tiny ruby amulet and a wooden ring but can’t identify them.

DL 3
A Snake attacks. He has a hard time hitting with the whip and switches to the spear instead. He gets poisoned for a short while and then kills the Snake with a combination of spells and spear attacks. He kills a Giant Bat with a tail-slap. He encounters Hippogriff and avoids it.

He then stumbles into a room with lots of Gnolls.

Rogge retreats into the corridor and fights them one on one. After a few thrusts he identifies the spear as ordinary. He kills the first Gnoll but gets moderately wounded and quaffs a potion of heal wounds (26/28 Hp). This battle is too dangerous and he reads a scroll of teleportation and teleports three rounds later to an empty room.

A Giant Cockroach attacks. Rogge miscasts the Throw Flame spell. “Lukewarm flames ripple over his body.” He kills it with the spear. He is hungry and eats a lemon. He finds a scale mail armor but it doesn’t fit on his Draconian body.

Suddenly the Hippogriff attacks. The Throw Flame spell misfires but two magic darts lightly wounds the Hippogriff. The Hippogriff has four attacks and Rogge is moderately wounded already after 2 turns. He retreats to some stairs close by and is just about to climb them when the Hippogriff gets four hits killing Rogge.

He had a ring of sustain abilities and an amulet of conservation.

Lessons learned: Drink healing potions before trying to flee.

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